What Is Presbyopia and How Is It Treated?

Presbyopia is an unfortunate side effect of aging, but it’s not untreatable. Here’s how you can counteract it. Presbyopia is a common vision problem that makes it more difficult to see nearby objects as you age. Its effects usually surface sometime after the age of 40, regardless of whether you’ve had vision problems before. Unlike… Read More

Getting to Know Today’s Most Advanced LASIK Lasers

At ICON Eyecare, we employ the very latest in laser technology to deliver the highest possible level of care and value to our patients. Here’s an inside look at our lasers. Most people know that LASIK surgery involves lasers, but far fewer are familiar with how the procedure actually works. Simply put, a LASIK surgeon… Read More

Understanding Glaucoma and Your Treatment Options

Glaucoma doesn’t always lead to blindness. With proactive treatment, you can easily manage your symptoms and stop the condition in its early stages. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the U.S, but as many as one million Americans may not even know that they have it. Fortunately, its effects can be minimized… Read More

What Is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Most people can expect some changes to their vision as they age, but age-related macular degeneration doesn’t necessarily cause permanent vision loss. Everyone’s vision changes at least slightly with age, but not everyone experiences the same level of degradation. Some people may struggle to see nearby objects, for example, while others may notice blind spots… Read More


Many of the testimonials that you see below are from athletes who have enjoyed life-changing results at ICON Eyecare. Icon’s LASIK surgeons in Colorado have performed LASIK eye surgery on thousands of individuals some of whom are professional athletes but much more who simply want to improve their quality of life. In addition to the… Read More

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