Effective Treatment Options for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes can affect your vision, but with some proactive care, you can prevent negative changes in your eyesight altogether. Among its other complications, diabetes can also lead to retinopathy, an eye disease that can result in permanent damage to the retina. Because diabetic retinopathy has few significant symptoms in its early stages, many patients are… Read More

Keratoconus: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Nearsightedness and astigmatism aren’t the only causes of blurred vision. In some cases, it could be a product of a condition known as keratoconus. Most people associate glaucoma, cataracts, and other vision conditions with aging. Many younger patients, however, are susceptible to an equally debilitating condition called keratoconus. If you think you might be at… Read More

What Is Visian ICL and Who Can Benefit from It?

Not everybody is well-suited to LASIK. Fortunately, alternative procedures such as Visian ICL can be equally effective treatments to common vision problems. LASIK can be a godsend to patients with mild to moderate refractive errors, but not everybody with poor vision is a strong candidate. Fortunately, alternative procedures such as Visian ICL can provide significant… Read More

You Don’t Have to Suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome

You may be suffering from dry eye for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to affect your quality of life. Here are the most common causes of dry eye syndrome, as well as effective remedies. Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and usually progressive condition in which the eyes aren’t properly lubricated. When… Read More

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