Charities Icon Eyecare Supports

ICON Eyecare is heavily involved in charities in the communities that we have locations. Every year we donate money, products and services to worthy causes. Below are just a few charities that we support in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction.

Children’s Diabetes Foundation at Denver

Childhood diabetes is a serious illness that impacts hundreds of thousands of our youth every year. The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood diabetes treats more than 6,000 children and young adults from all over America. ICON Eyecare helps by donating LASIK at the annual High Hopes Tribute Dinner Auction.

Ronald McDonald House

ICON Eyecare has also helped the Denver Ronald McDonald House in Denver with ticket donations. The Ronald McDonald house helps families and children with lodging while they receive treatment at Denver area hospitals.

Colorado State University

CSU Ram Good Time Auction
In 2012, Icon is supporting the Ram Good Time Foundation which helps student-athletes at Colorado State University (CSU). The Ram Good Time Foundation auction has raised over $3.5 million which helps student-athletes. The event is supported by many northern Colorado business such as ICON Eyecare (with our office in Loveland) and of course by CSU alumni.


Help support CSU in 2012 as their new athletic director and football coach make a big push to build a stadium on campus.

Find out more about the Ram Good Time Foundation

Kendall and Taylor Atkinson Foundation (KATA)

Icon donates a LASIK procedure for auction annually to the Hoot n Holler gala and silent auction.


Kendall and Taylor Atkinson lost their lives to Fanconi Anemia (FA) a rare childhood blood disease that results in bone marrow failure.

KATA has donated over $540,000 to university research including a recent multi-institution project.

The logo shows the four-fingered characteristic which is common to those with Fanconi Anemia.

Ace Scholarships

ace scholarships
Icon supports scholarships through Ace a Denver, Colorado non-profit that is focused on school choice. If you saw the documentary “Waiting for Superman” you know the impact that school choice has on one’s lifelong productivity and earning potential.


Ace Scholarships states that “work continues until our vision is realized – that every child in Colorado has access to a great school.”

Paddington Station Preschool

Icon donates to the annual auction at Paddington Station. Paddington Station is one of the premier early childhood education facilities in Denver. The annual auction helps with scholarships and other areas of need for the school.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado

Big brother big sisters of Colorado
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado has a mission statement that coincides with many of the charities that ICON Eyecare supports; that is helping disadvantaged youth, as early as possible, steering them down the right track in life. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado’s mission statement is “to help children reach their full potential through professionally supported, one-to-one, volunteer mentoring relationships with measurable impact.” It is a great cause that has had a measurable impact on thousands in Colorado.


Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Rescue Mission
ICON LASIK’s optometrists provide eye care to residents and visitors of the Denver Rescue Mission.

The optometrist hold a clinic roughly once a month and see dozens of Denver’s homeless. Homelessness is a major issue in Denver and there does not seem to be a solution in the near future. ICON Eyecare hopes to help those that truly are trying to get back on their feet.

Make-a-Wish Foundation Colorado

Make a Wish Foundation Colorado
ICON Eyecare’s principals have donated time and services to various Make-a-Wish organizations in Colorado from Pueblo to the latest LASIK donation here in Denver for over 20 years. If you are thinking about getting LASIK; think about supporting the Make-a-Wish foundation by buying the certificate through the foundation’s annual auction. The Make-a-Wish Foundation is one of the truly great groups out there that makes a positive impact in these kids all too short lives. The next Make-a-Wish auction is on February 28th, 2013 in Denver. Here is the letter regarding the LASIK auction.

Riverside Educational Center – Grand Junction, Colorado

Western slope LASIK
Supporting western slope charities by providing LASIK and sunglasses for their auctions including the Riverside Educational Center. The Riverside Educational Center provides positive after school tutoring and enrichment for students in all grades (who qualify). By encouraging a positive environment outside of school hours the Center promotes students personal and academic development.

Liberty Common School

Liberty Common School in Ft. Collins Colorado
There is no question that the public school system is in serious trouble, not just in Colorado and Arizona but nationwide. Funding is down and class sizes are growing every year. It used to be that classes of 100+ were reserved for your first college survey courses. Not any more! High school classes are getting big and bigger and it will continue to trickle down the grades. One school that is bucking the trend is Liberty Common School in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It operates in the Poudre School district. Charter schools give more autonomy to the school’s administrators to educate as they and the teachers see fit. Charter school are relatively new but so far the results are promising and Liberty Common School is leading the way. Icon is proud to help support the school through their annual auction.

Grand Junction and Western Slope Charities and Causes

Youth Entity

Youth Entity
YouthEntity is an awesome organization! Their mission is to teach kids on the western slope about business and financial success. They do this through programs that range from stock market games to community businesses. When kids better understand how businesses and financial markets operate at an early age they make better decisions in all aspects of their life. Youth Entity is a great organization that serves an important segment of the Grand Junction community. ICON Eyecare is very proud to help support their efforts!
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