What is Clear Lens Exchange?

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) is an effective alternative to LASIK and other corrective vision procedures. It is often recommended for patients who do not qualify for LASIK or want to inhibit early cataract development.

The procedure uses laser technology to deliver highly customized vision correction. While CLE is an elective procedure performed when cataracts are not present, it is similar to standard cataract surgery in that it replaces the eye’s natural lens with an artificial one.

Because their natural lens is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) during the course of the procedure, patient’s who undergo CLE are no longer at risk of developing cataracts. Further, since the IOL sits inside your eye — rather than on the surface like a contact lens — you cannot see or feel it.


Is CLE right for me?

Similarly to LASIK, CLE surgery is used to correct vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Unlike LASIK, it can be a good option for patients with extreme prescriptions, presbyopia (age-related farsightedness), or thin corneas.

The most common candidates for CLE are:

  • Patients over the age of 40 who want to eliminate the need for reading glasses.
  • Patients under the age of 40 who have extreme prescriptions or thin corneas.
  • Patients who are experiencing the early onset of cataracts.

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What types of lenses are available with CLE?

Whether you spend your days outdoors or in an office, we’ll help you select the lens that best matches your lifestyle. Premium intraocular lenses, for example, can improve your vision at all distances, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contacts.


At your consultation our skilled ophthalmologists will determine the vision correction procedure that’s right for you and help you select the lens that meets your unique needs.

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