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We've changed our name, but we still offer the same great eye care we've been providing for more than 50 years.

Dallas Eye Care and ICON Eyecare in Gun Barrel City has been offering top-quality surgical eye care to residents of the Cedar Creek, TX area since 1997. Previously operated under the name Dallas Eye Care, the practice is now part of ICON Eyecare’s Center for Ophthalmological Excellence. ICON Eyecare is headquartered in Denver, CO and has offices throughout Colorado and Texas, including a practice in Dallas and the Gun Barrel City location. Since its founding in 1999, ICON Eyecare prides itself on making its practice patient-focused with high-quality care and giving patients access to the most advanced eye care techniques and the most state-of-the-art eye surgery technology. Read More

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Dallas Eye Care – Gun Barrel City – Texas Services

About Dallas Eye Care – Gun Barrel City – Texas

Dallas Eye Care in Gun Barrel City offers Texans vision correction surgery, laser cataract surgery and specialized treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy, macular degeneration and other eye care needs. Dallas Eye Care and ICON Eyecare Gun Barrel City offers LASIK patients access to the advanced Catalys laser for laser cataract surgery option in addition to manual cataract surgery options.

The ICON Eyecare Gun Barrel City office was recently remodeled to provide a calming, comfortable setting for your eye procedures. We understand that dealing with a vision issue or eye disease can be a source of anxiety and we’ll work with you to fully explain your diagnosis, outline all treatment options and make recommendations for the best possible results. ICON Eyecare also happily practices co-managed eye care so you primary optometrist or physician has a full understanding of your treatment at ICON Eyecare Gun Barrel City. This comprehensive approach to patient-centric care ensures that you receive the best treatment for the optimal outcome.

Read a Message From Dr. Stacy Wood Regarding His Role as National Medical Director

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Directions to Dallas Eye Care – Gun Barrel City – Texas

The Dallas Eye Care center in Gun Barrel City, TX is located in the Cedar Creek area.

The office is located on the southwest corner of Main St and Gun Barrel Ln, across Gun Barrel Ln from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.

Dallas Eye Care – Gun Barrel City – Texas Services

  • icon-cataract-surgery-patient

    ICON Eyecare is bringing a new level of laser cataract care and successful outcomes to one of the most commonly performed surgeries through laser technology and experienced doctors

    Learn More
  • 160208_Surfbort

    Pterygium is also commonly referred to as “surfer’s eye”, and is a growth in the eye that can affect eye sight. It is treatable through different types of care from ICON.

    Learn More
  • icon-eye-care-patient-2
    Corneal Cross Linking

    Corneal cross linking is a minimally invasive surgical eye care procedure that uses UV light combined with a Vitamin B12 solution in order to strengthen your cornea.

    Learn More
  • icon-eye-care-Cataract-Surgery
    Laser Cataract Surgery

    You will only have cataract surgery once. This is your opportunity to achieve the kind of vision you want for the rest of your life, choose the best technology and experience.

    Learn More
  • icon-dry-eye-care
    Dry Eye Treatment

    Do your eyes consistently suffer from stinging and burning, pain and redness, blurred vision or fatigue? You may be suffering from a condition called dry eye.

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  • icon-eyecare-glaucoma
    Glaucoma Treatment

    ICON Eyecare's glaucoma specialists treat all forms and levels of glaucoma in patients to minimize the damage caused by increased pressure in the eye.

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  • icon-eyecare-diabetic-eye-exams
    Diabetic Retinopathy

    A common diabetic eye disease, diabetic retinopathy involves damage to the retinal blood vessels, which are part of the eye that sense light and creates signals sent to the brain

    Learn More
  • macden
    Macular Degeneration

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects people over the age of 50 and is the leading cause of blindness in elderly throughout the world. Our eye surgeons can determine your best treatement.

    Learn More
  • icon-eyecare-retinal-surgery
    Retinal Surgery

    Common retina treatment options for retinal surgery can include injections, laser-assisted surgery, and more in order to improve vision and eye care for patients

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