LifeStyle Lens Options

At ICON Eyecare, we offer the most advanced cataract lens implants and combine them with the newest laser technology to offer clear and accurate results for our patients. Following cataract removal, either with traditional methods or with the laser, an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is placed inside your eye to replace your affected natural eye lens. With the advancement of cataract surgery and lens replacement options, patients may now be able to see clearly for the first time in years.

Intraocular lenses work by replacing the focusing power of your eye’s natural lens. Choosing LifeStyle Lenses gives you the best possible vision. With LifeStyle Lenses, many people never need glasses after cataract surgery, or only wear them occasionally.

Your doctor will thoroughly evaluate your eyes before recommending the best lens implant for you. We’ll also talk about your work, hobbies, and other activities to make sure your LifeStyle Lenses fits your lifestyle.

Your lens (IOL) options for cataract surgery include:

  • Standard (monovision) Lenses
  • Multifocal LifeStyle Lenses with Laser-Assisted Technology
  • Toric LifeStyle Lenses with Laser-Assisted Technology

LifeStyle Lenses: Overview

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  • Monofocal Lenses (Single-focus)

    Standard lenses, also called single-focus or monofocal lenses, correct your vision for distance or near, but not both. They also do not correct for astigmatism, which can create blurred vision at all distances.

    If you choose a monovision lens for distance vision, you may still need glasses for reading and other close-up activities. If you choose a monovision len for near vision, you might need to wear glasses to drive or see objects at a distance.

    If you would like to reduce your dependency on glasses while still choosing the monovision option, your surgeon may incorporate laser technology to eliminate any astigmatism.

    When cataract surgery is medically necessary, standard, monovision lenses are covered by your insurance company.

  • Monovision Lenses

    You might choose an intraocular lens for distance vision in one eye and a LifeStyle Lens option for near vision in the other eye. This is called monovision. Many patients who wear contact lenses or have had refractive surgery function well with monovision cataract implants.

    If you are interested in this option but are new to monovision, your doctor will discuss options for trialing the visual experience before cataract surgery to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Multifocal LifeStyle Lenses

    The experienced eye surgeons at ICON Eyecare utilize the latest technology, including the Tecnis® Multifocal LifeStyle Lenses because of its proven clinical results when compared to other multifocal implants. Nearly 9 out of 10 patients do not need glasses after cataract surgery with Tecnis® Multifocal lenses and 94% of patients say they would choose this LifeStyle Lens option again. The Tecnis® lens performed above other multifocal implants in visual quality, glare, and ability to see in low lighting conditions.

    Tecnis® Multifocal LifeStyle Lenses have a diffractive, aspheric design that focuses light from distance, intermediate, and near to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. Like wearing bifocals, there is a short adaptation period where the brain learns how to use the new optical system effectively.

    Your ICON Eyecare doctor will discuss your LifeStyle Lens options and if you are a candidate for a multifocal LifeStyle Lens. Together, we will help you select the best lens for your needs.

  • Toric LifeStyle Lenses

    Toric LifeStyle Lenses correct astigmatism, further reducing your dependency on glasses. Standard monovision leneses don’t correct astigmatism without additional procedures, so you may need glasses to see clearly even after cataract surgery. If you want better vision without glasses, a toric LifeStyle Lens option could be for you.

    A consultation appointment with your ICON Eyecare doctor will help determine if you’re a good candidate for a toric astigmatism correction LifeStyle Lens.

  • Symfony LifeStyle Lenses

    A new category of LifeStyle lenses has emerged with the introduction of the Tecnis® Symfony, a newly FDA-approved lens that not only provides clear vision but corrects presbyopia, an age-related condition that causes farsightedness. A toric version of the Symfony Lens has also been approved for patients with astigmatism.

    The Symfony lens has been specially designed to prevent some of the more common complications of older lenses, such as chromatic or spherical aberrations in which the ability to focus is diminished. Clinical studies of the Symfony lens have also shown lower incidences of halo and glare.

    Because ICON Eyecare is committed to providing patients with the latest technology, we can offer the Tecnis® Symfony lens to candidates that would benefit the most. Learn more about the new Tecnis® Symfony lens with one of our experienced doctors.

  • Choosing LifeStyle Lenses

    Because your vision is so important to everything you do, selecting an intraocular lens for your cataract surgery is a very personal decision. At ICON Eyecare, your doctor will help you consider all your options. We have advised thousands of patients, and are familiar with the latest technology in standard and LifeStyle Lenses. Talk with your ICON Eyecare doctor about the best lens for your eyes, and your lifestyle.

    Request your cataract appointment online using our online scheduling appointment request.

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