For patients who are interested in vision correction which does not involve changing the cornea or are not ideal LASIK candidates, alternative procedures are available to improve vision and quality of life. For those who suffer from moderate to severe nearsightedness (-2.50 to -20.0) with or without astigmatism, as well as patients who suffer from severe dry eye or thin corneas, the Visian ICL procedure is an excellent option.

What is Visian ICL?

The Visian ICL™ (Implantable Collamer Lens) is an advanced soft-material lens composed of 100% biocompatible collagen copolymer. It provides UV protection and vision correction while giving patients a quality of vision that is sharper and clearer than can be achieved with glasses or contacts. Visian ICL is an additive technology in which a soft lens is implanted in the eye, unlike LASIK which permanently alters the shape of your cornea. There is no maintenance associated with the lens, and it is intended to remain in place as long as you are satisfied with your vision. If at any point your vision changes or you wish to have them removed, it can be done easily and without compromising your current vision whatsoever.

In fact, based upon the Visian Toric ICL clinical trial, more than 98% of patients would have the procedure again with 100% satisfied with the Visian Toric.

Legacy of Success

The Visian ICL has been approved in Europe since 1997 and in the U.S. since 2005. In that time, over 1,000,000 eyes have been implanted with Visian ICLs by certified surgeons, like those at ICON. In a clinical trial, patients reported a 99% satisfaction rate.

A Removable Option

Visian ICL patients can correct their vision with peace of mind. In the event of a major prescription change or the availability of new vision correction options, Visian ICL is completely removable, assisting our patients, together with their doctor, to make changes to keep pace with technology and their changing needs.

Protection From UV Rays

The Visian ICL creates a barrier of UV protection. The Collamer material that makes up our Visian ICLs has unique properties to provide UV protection while correcting vision.

In Harmony with your Natural Eyes

Our procedure can be described as additive vision correction. Unlike other procedures, the Visian ICL procedure does not remove corneal tissue, but works in harmony with your natural eye. The ICL sits behind the iris and in front of the natural human lens.

A Quick Procedure and Recovery

The Visian ICL insertion method is minimally invasive. With only a small incision, we can optimize the procedure and recovery time dramatically. Additionally, the procedure is also painless because of the numbing medication. Patients can expect a short recovery time. The procedure is around 15 minutes or less and most people are able to resume daily activities in just a few days with clearer vision.

Simplification of Life

There is no daily hassle of glasses or contact lenses with the Visian ICL. Patients are able to enjoy the things they love with Visual Freedom.

Who is a candidate for Visian ICL?

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45 and nearsighted/myopic, you may be an excellent candidate for the Visian ICL. This procedure is able to treat a range of patients from low to extremely high myopia and astigmatism and is especially beneficial to those with thin corneas and dry eyes. The Visian ICL can now treat nearsightedness and astigmatism at the same time.  If you have both astigmatism and nearsightedness, Visian Toric ICL may be a great option. It is preferable that the patient has not undergone any ophthalmic surgery and does not have a history of eye disease such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, and other possible eye diseases. To determine the best vision correction plan for you, schedule a consultation or call us at 720-524-1001 today.

Colorado’s Visian ICL Expert

Dr. Eva Kim is the #1 Visian ICL surgeon in the state of Colorado. ICON Eyecare is also the only provider in the state to have ArcScan Insight® 100 to precisely fit your ICL.

How is the Procedure Performed

The Visian ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure that generally takes around 15 minutes. Prior to the procedure, you will receive topical anesthesia drops to minimize discomfort as well as intravenous sedation to treat anxiety. Then the doctor creates a micro opening to insert the lens into the eye with an injector. Once the lens is injected, it unfolds in the eye, the corners are tucked underneath the iris, the lens is centered, and the procedure is complete. The micro opening self-seals without the need for sutures. Patients experience an immediate improvement in vision and are “wowed” by the results by 1-2 days after the procedure.

The ICON Eyecare Difference

ICON Eyecare is proud to utilize ArcScan’s Insight® 100, a high-frequency ultrasound unit used during surgical planning to confirm candidacy for ICL surgery and to provide extremely precise measurements of the inside of the eye. These measurements are required to precisely determine the correct size of ICL to be implanted into the eye. Precise imaging with the Insight 100 allows for perfect measurements of the eye. This then provides the ability for the doctors at ICON to precisely select an ICL which fits perfectly in the eye to safely provide the clear vision one desires. The appropriate sizing of the ICL is of utmost importance to the health of the eye. The Insight 100 stands alone in its ability to accurately image the human eye. The technology has been in development for 20 years and now only available in Colorado at ICON Eyecare.

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