Our Story

Founded in 1999, ICON Eyecare’s mission is to improve lives through better vision and outstanding patient experiences. As an ophthalmology practice rooted in surgical and medical services, we place the needs of our patients first, investing in industry-leading technology, including advanced cataract lens implants, laser-assisted cataract surgery, Femtosecond and Wavelight® lasers, ArcScan®, and Contoura® and Vario testing, to ensure patient safety, comfort, and high-quality results.

With 5 locations serving Colorado’s Front Range, our dedicated teams of eyecare experts can address a variety of eye health concerns ranging from cataracts and refractive errors to dry eye, glaucoma, and retinal issues. With over 20 years of experience, ICON’s board-certified eye doctors are committed to delivering the highest-quality eyecare in Colorado and have improved the lives of more than 250,000 through customized vision correction procedures.

A Team of Experts.

With decades of combined experience and schooling at prestigious universities, ICON’s local Denver eye doctors provide industry-leading eye care to Colorado using the latest, advanced technology.

A Commitment to the Local Community

During the years that we have been in business, we have been blessed to have been welcomed and accepted by the patients who live in the general Denver area. To that end, we have tried to give back to a community that has given us so much. We support local charities in Grand Junction, Loveland, and Denver. We also partner with the local Denver Health center to make sure that everyone has access to an eyecare team that will help them preserve their vision.

In addition, we also have invested in the development of young surgical talent in the Grand Junction area. We have made donations to the Health Services Department at Colorado Mesa University to foster the growth of the next wave of talent.

Furthermore, we have also partnered with an organization called One World Surgery. Our goal is to help them strengthen their ophthalmology arm. In this manner, we support a strong nonprofit who is trying to ignite service and improve the lives of others by providing access to eye surgeons all over the world.



I’m absolutely happy that I have chosen ICON Eyecare for my vision correction surgery. The staff is very polite, helpful and friendly. Dr.Kim is a brilliant ophthalmologist and a wonderful person. After a thorough exam, she recommended a Visian ICL surgery because it turned out that I’m not a good candidate for LASIK. She took time to explain the difference between those two procedures and explained every step of my treatment and what to expect after the surgery.  I would highly recommend ICON Eyecare and Dr. Kim to everyone!!

- Inna T.


ICON Eyecare is the place to go for all things ICL. Dr. Kovar and her team are the experts, and they are extremely helpful if you have a question or concern. I am an actor who needs to change my eye color for different roles. Dr. Pallagi and Enrique took great care of me for my eye exam and contact lens fitting. Look no further for your eyecare, no pun intended.

- Joseph E.


This place was amazing! Took me step by step through the process of my PRK surgery. Helped me along the way and gave tips to a more successful recovery.

- Katherine P.


ICON Eyecare and Dr. Goldhair are the place for your eye health. My experiences have been excellent. Very professional and kind.

- Shirley A.

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Greeley is a very nice doctor, beautiful facility, and very caring staff. Thank you ICON for giving me great vision for so many years now!

- Othi V.

I was very impressed with their cutting-edge facility and staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you ICON Eyecare!

- Cody Donovan – UFC Fighter, High Altitude Martial Arts, Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The staff from top to bottom provided me with care and knowledge every step of the way. A big decision? You bet! A great decision, you bet! I look forward to jumping in a pool, skiing down the slopes at Breck and never worrying if my contacts will slip or come out!

- Creigh Kelley – Emcee

I highly recommend it!! Thank you ICON Eyecare for making this year my very best one, so far!! Now, I can truly see a clear picture of where I want to go as a professional athlete.

- Flavia Oliveira – World-Class Cyclist


As soon as I began considering laser correction, I knew ICON Eyecare was the right choice for me. I’m as busy now as I was when I was a pro athlete. So I can’t imagine my active lifestyle without the convenience of clear vision and I’m amazed with the results.

- John Elway

Google Review

Quick, informative, great value. I’m thrilled with the results.

- Emily L.

Join Our Team

At ICON Eyecare, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. We have numerous career opportunities available to those who are willing to take on the challenge of optometry. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of others. We even have a prestigious residency program for doctors who would like to join our team. Contact us today to learn more about our career opportunities.


Residency Program

ICON Eyecare partners with the Pacific University College of Optometry to provide a prestigious 13-month residency program. The program is open to a single candidate, and is therefore highly competitive. Once selected, the resident will work approximately 40 hours per week, with on-call assignments on an as-needed basis. As part of their residency, they will also write a scholarly paper based on original research, a review of literature, or a clinical case with the support of the Residency Coordinator.

The goal of the ICON Eyecare residency program is to provide the resident with clinical knowledge and hands-on experience, as well as an understanding of the importance of scholarly research. By the end of the program, the resident will have gained diagnostic, disease management, and patient care competencies that meet the highest standards in the field.