Corneal Function

The cornea of the eye is one of the most critical parts, but what is a cornea? Cornea function is imperative; covering your iris and pupil, it is the leading cause of vision issues from refractive light due to the shape of the cornea. These include how we focus our sight and whether we can see near or far. The cornea is also highly susceptible to damage as it is very exposed. The cornea is also predisposed to certain diseases that can have a serious impact on a person’s vision.

Correcting corneal conditions may or may not require surgery. That is why it is so critical to have a quality cornea specialist to help guide you in dealing with any issues. These can be as simple as a small scratch, all the way to cornea transplant.

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Cornea Conditions

  • Scratched Cornea: Caused by distress or damage to the cornea of the eye, this may lead to feeling like there is a foreign object in the eye, a burning sensation or even double vision and blurring. Treatment could include pain relief, and generally requires the eye to be bandaged tightly for a period of time based on the size of the scratch.
  • Corneal Diseases: These range from degenerative conditions to small infections. These can be quite serious, or become so, and because the cornea is such an integral part of vision, it is important to seek fast treatment if you suspect you have a corneal disease.

What Are Intacs® Inserts?

For the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal conditions, your surgeon may recommend the use of Intacs. Intacs are micro-thin, prescription inserts that are placed in the peripheral layer of the cornea to help reshape the steep area of the cornea.