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The ICON Eyecare team is composed of hand-picked ophthalmologists, optometrists, and surgeons, all of whom are leaders in their fields. Our experienced specialists use the most advanced diagnostic and surgical technology to treat conditions ranging from glaucoma to uveitis. Colorado patients looking for top-notch LASIK or cataract surgery can rest assured they will receive the highest-quality care at any ICON Eyecare facility.

In addition to our experienced eyecare specialists, we also pride ourselves on our dedicated support staff who prioritize personalized care.

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Our surgeons have performed LASIK and other corrective procedures on thousands and thousands of satisfied patients! Many of these patients have shared stories of how their surgeries enabled them to advance in their careers, spend more time with their families, or enjoy new sports and activities. Our patients come from all walks of life — from professional athletes to performers to ordinary people who just want to improve their vision — and their testimonials reveal the many benefits of seeing the world through healthier eyes.

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Vision Education

We are never done learning and have a passion for all things eyecare! Undergoing vision correction surgery is an important decision, and patients should know what to expect before they commit to a procedure. We’ve therefore created a series of educational blogs to help you gain a deeper understanding of your eyes and the eye-related procedures we offer.

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