Many of the testimonials that you see below are from athletes who have enjoyed life-changing results at ICON Eyecare. Icon’s LASIK surgeons in Colorado have performed LASIK eye surgery on thousands of individuals some of whom are professional athletes but much more who simply want to improve their quality of life. In addition to the professional athletes who have had LASIK, you will see lots of testimonials below from some Denver celebrities and maybe even a friend or two.

John Elway – Hall of Fame Quarterback

 “As soon as I began considering laser correction, I knew ICON Eyecare was the right choice for me. I’m a huge fan of outdoor activities and I love spending quality time with my family. I’m as busy now as I was when I was a pro athlete. So I can’t imagine my active lifestyle without the convenience of clear vision and I’m amazed with the results. I do recommend ICON Eyecare highly.”

Flavia Oliveira – World-Class Cyclist

 “I have been struggling with my eyesight for quite some time. The squinting and headaches were making it hard for me to focus on my training and racing. I began to worry that I might not be able to accomplish my personal goals. I finally made the decision to get ICON Eyecare surgery and it was the best thing that I could have done. The team of doctors and staff at ICON were amazing and extremely professional and made me feel very at ease, making the entire process painless.  I highly recommend it!! Thank you ICON Eyecare for making this year my very best one, so far!! Now, I can truly see a clear picture of where I want to go as a professional athlete.”

2015 Giro de Italia Donne (Mountains Jersey Winner)
2015 Military Olympics Gold Medalist (overall team)
2015 2nd Overall at Tour of Costa Rica

Creigh Kelley – Emcee

 “I’m the guy who absolutely depends on clear vision. As an event announcer and emcee for over 30 events each year, a mistake in misidentifying someone competing in a marathon is unforgivable. Deciding to visit ICON in Lone Tree was a huge step for me and propelled me on a journey with an amazing outcome: I can see so clearly, I now take it for granted! Yes, Dr. Campbell is extraordinary. Frankly, if I hadn’t received the “white glove” customer service from my first step into the reception area until it was time to meet the doc, I’m pretty sure I would’ve bailed. The staff from top to bottom provided me with care and knowledge every step of the way. A big decision? You bet! A great decision, you bet! I look forward to jumping in a pool, skiing down the slopes at Breck and never worrying if my contacts will slip or come out!”

Cody Donovan – UFC Fighter, High Altitude Martial Arts, Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“When the UFC called me to fight in Australia on nine days’ notice, I had to say yes. And when they told me I needed to get an eye exam, I knew exactly where to go. ICON Eyecare was the only choice. They came highly recommended by my teammates Nate Marquardt and Tyler Toner, and they did a fantastic job on my fiancées Lasik surgery last year. They were fast, friendly and professional. I was very impressed with their cutting-edge facility and staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you ICON Eyecare!”

Chris Brewer – Senior Manager Development Communications LIVESTRONG

“I just wanted to take a moment to once again thank you for the amazing experience I had at ICON Eyecare recently! While I fully expected to have my vision corrected (and no less than 20-20 by the next morning), it was the outstanding positive professionalism and efficiency of your staff that was a very pleasant surprise. From the moment I checked in, to the pre-testing, to my screening with my optometrist, to the actual surgical procedure, every single person was truly proficient in the area and had a great attitude. I felt like everyone really cared and was there to make sure I had the best possible experience – and I truly did. Thanks so much for this life-changing experience, and also for your support of the great support of cycling.”

Craig Silverman – Denver Talk Radio Host

“I wore glasses and then contact lenses for decades. I had severe astigmatism and near-sightedness. ICON was my choice for Lasik because of its success rates and dedicated staff. ICON is the volume leader in this region for good reason. No Lasik provider has more experience. ICON takes great pride in having all of the latest and greatest technologies. The doctors have vast knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Lasik procedures. ICON respects the time and money of its patients. Within ten hours of my surgery, I had no discomfort and great vision – able to read up close which I need to do as part of my law practice and talk radio job; and also able to play sports and see things perfectly at a distance.”

Kathy T 

“I am now a little over 2 weeks post op and I can’t explain how amazing it is to wake up and instantly see! Dr. Campbell performed my surgery and he makes you feel at ease and calm throughout the whole process of the procedure. Staff is absolutely wonderful and try their best to make you feel 100% comfortable. From the receptionist to the doctors, they’re all fantastic. Stacee and Enrique are both so nice and helpful. Stacee has followed up with me multiple times since my procedure to check on the wellness of my eyes. She’s answered all the questions that I have had and always gives me the reassurance I need because I’m very paranoid. I also love that there is an after hours line you can call and speak to one of the doctors directly for any concerns you may have. I highly recommend Icon Eyecare and the team at this specific location!”

Chelsey S 

“My experience at ICON Eyecare was better than I expected! I had PRK surgery to correct my vision and I couldn’t ask for anything different! Being able to wake up and see perfectly, is truly life changing, especially having to wear glasses/contacts since 4th grade. The procedure itself was very fast and stress free. Everyone at ICON made me feel welcome and relaxed and were able to answer all my questions pre and post op. Dr. Campbell not only did a great job, but really focused on how I was feeling during the surgery. I have already recommended ICON to close friends and family.”

Tan D 

“After I reading countless reviews and hours of YouTube on LASIK experiences I decided to get the procedure done. Through my extensive research I decided to get Lasik surgery at Icon, and am I thoroughly impressed. I’ll keep this short — prices are very competitive, doctors are very informative and nice. The surgeon was very funny and made me feel at ease. Stacee, the office manager, got me setup in a breeze. I would highly recommend others to explore Icon Eyecare as their Lasik provider.”

Matt T  

“I love the results of my LASIK procedure. The process, from intake to post-op, was conducted with the highest degree of professionalism, and my experience, based on the results thus far (one month out), is that Dr. Campbell and his team are competent and excellent at what they do. The facility is world class. I live 3 hours from Denver, but the same-day procedure made taking care of this myself a convenient option (I stayed at a nearby hotel and drove home the next day). The staff at ICON made the experience as painless and simple as it could have been. In particular, Ms. Tran helped me through the process, dealt with a couple unusual requests, and made several much-appreciated accommodations, and Jon made me feel at ease about the procedure (I was pretty nervous about it). I would recommend ICON to a friend without reservation.”

Olivia C (Visian ICL)

”Wow, never in a million years would I thought my vision would be 20/15!! This is all thanks to Dr. Campbell, Dr. Sturdy and their amazing team. I highly recommend the Visian ICL procedure and please do not do what I did and let the years go by….I’m now free of wearing contacts and my glasses! I’m looking forward to swimming again and not worrying if my contacts will fall out or my glasses getting dirty. Thanks ICON for helping me get my vision back! You are the best!!!”