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Financing Options

Yes, you can afford LASIK! Icon Eyecare is committed to making professional LASIK surgery accessible.

LASIK Cost & Savings

At ICON Eyecare, we realize that cost is one of the most important factors when deciding on LASIK eye surgery. The total cost of a LASIK procedure can vary based on several factors, including the level of vision correction and customization you may need. After a comprehensive eye exam, we’ll walk you through a personalized quote for the procedure, answer any questions you may have about the cost and discuss financing options available. We strive to make vision correction possible for any budget and to help our patients understand the long-term value of their LASIK procedure.

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Cost Considerations for LASIK Surgery

A consultation will help determine the final cost for LASIK. Your quote will be determined by:

  • Results of your eye exam and your eye health
  • Your prescription
  • Level of customization for vision correction needed

LASIK Savings Calculator

Us our LASIK Savings Calculator to find out how much money LASIK can save you!

How much does LASIK cost?

You can get your personalized quote through our free consultation. Our initial consultation will include an eye exam and last about one hour. During the consultation, you will learn more about the LASIK process and be giving the financing options available, like 0% financing for up to 24 months or payments as little as $99 with no money down.

The price of LASIK covers:

  • Customized laser LASIK procedure
  • One year of follow-up care
  • Value match guarantee
  • Lifetime enhancements
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How can I pay for LASIK?

The good news is that ICON Eyecare offers flexible payment options that make LASIK surgery affordable for a wide variety of patients. In addition to being a relatively affordable procedure, ICON offers competitive and flexible pricing, payment and financing options (for patients with approved credit). Moreover, securing financing approval is typically a quick and painless process, even for patients with very low credit scores. After your free consultation, our team can help you apply for financing should you decide to pursue the procedure.

There are several ways to pay for your LASIK procedure:

  1. We offer 0% financing options for up to 24 months, with no money down
  2. Other Financing options are designed to keep monthly payments as low as $99 per month.*
  3. We accept flex plan and medical savings account dollars, offering tax-free savings.
  4. We accept ALPHAEON Credit and CareCredit, two popular healthcare-specific credit card programs that help patients pay for elective medical procedures like LASIK.
  5. Many of our patients elect to put the cost of the LASIK procedure on a credit card with a low-interest rate and/or a generous rewards program.

Whichever payment method you choose, we will work with you to make your LASIK procedure possible.

*Subject to credit approval.

The ICON Eyecare Value Match Guarantee

After their eyes heal and their vision improves, some patients may still have a residual need for glasses. If this occurs, you may have the option of undergoing an enhancement procedure that can help you achieve your vision goals. If your surgeon recommends an enhancement procedure at any time in your life, ICON Eyecare will cover the full cost of the procedure. This warranty applies to all ICON Eyecare LASIK procedures.

ICON Eyecare’s Value Match Guarantee states that we will match or beat the price of any Colorado LASIK provider that offers the same technology and warranty. We require a written quote from the competitor’s office in order to determine how we can match or beat the price of the procedure.

To learn more about financing your LASIK procedure, call 720-262-5220 or schedule a free consultation online.

A Team of Experts.

With decades of combined experiences, Icon’s doctors provide industry-leading LASIK Surgery using the latest, advanced technology.

Long-Term Savings

Over time, the cost of prescriptions, glasses and contacts will likely surpass the cost of LASIK. Along with a number of benefits for improved vision, LASIK can be cheaper in the long run.

LASIK isn’t a one-size-fits-all price because it isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. We want to make LASIK as accessible as possible for every patient, so we base our pricing on the cost of shaping your eyes. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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