If your argument tends to be “I can’t afford LASIK,” think again. Are you wearing glasses? Contacts? Try to add all that up for a month, year, your LIFETIME. The truth is, you’re already spending money on your eyes; why not take your vision to the next level with LASIK from ICON Eyecare?

Remember, Blade-Free LASIK only has to be performed once*; glasses and contacts are an annual purchase. Let’s look at these average costs:

Eye Exam: $100 – $200
Contact Lenses: $250 – $700
Contact Lens Supplies: $150 – $200
Glasses with Designer Frames: $500 – $1000
Backup Pair of Glasses: $100 – $200
Prescription Sunglasses: $500+
Total: $1600+

So for most, LASIK at ICON Eyecare pays for itself within 2-3 years!**

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*Results may vary. **Based on national average for cost of wearing and maintaining glasses and/or contacts. Pricing may vary.