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What are the dangers of cataract surgery?

If you’re considering cataract surgery, one of your biggest concerns is likely “is cataract eye surgery safe? Are there cataract eye surgery complications?” The truth is that this common procedure is carried out over 3 million times each year, and is generally done outpatient, not even requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.

Cataract eye surgery complications don’t happen often, and they are generally very treatable. Some potential complications include pressure, inflammation, infection, swelling and retinal detachment. This last one does require immediate medical attention, and symptoms include bright flashes of light, dark spots or floaters in the line of vision. Risks of any complications increase if there are co-occurring medical or eye conditions prior to the surgery.

It’s important to remember that with a great ophthalmologist at ICON Eyecare, cataract surgery is extremely safe.

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