The ICON Eyecare Story

Founded in 1999, ICON Eyecare is a regional center of ophthalmological excellence, providing a full range of specialized medical and surgical eye care options. As a full service integrated provider, ICON Eyecare has 6 convenient surgical and clinical locations throughout Colorado. With 5 locations on the Colorado Front Range, including central Denver, as well as a surgery center, clinic and LASIK suite in Grand Junction on the Western Slope of Colorado, ICON Eyecare has focused on providing convenient locations that serve the growing eye care needs of the communities we serve.

ICON Eyecare’s dedication to patient-centric eye care is achieved through a three-fold approach:

  • Highly experienced and specialized eye surgeons: Our board certified doctors have completed residencies and fellowships within the most prestigious medical training programs in the world to refine their individual eye care specialties, including LASIK, glaucoma and laser cataract surgery, among others.
  • Treating patients with the highest standard of care, techniques and technology available: By continually investing in the most advanced technology our doctors and patients always have access to the best laser eye treatment or other procedures for the patient’s individual eye health needs. Coupled with an institutionalized and consistently high standard of care, we measure our success based upon treatment outcomes.
  • An extraordinary patient experience one patient at a time: At ICON Eyecare. ICON Eyecare’s entire Care Team – from our office staff to our surgeons – will take the time to fully explain all procedures, recommendations and care needs to ensure you’re comfortable with your options and eye health care approach. Our world-class team, culture and modern facilities provide a welcoming, soothing and compassionate experience for patients and their loved ones.

ICON Eyecare and its surgeons have performed more than 200,000 vision correction surgeries, including refractive LASIK treatments, cataracts, glaucoma and retinal conditions. As a technology leader in surgical eye care, ICON Eyecare is proud to offer blade-free LASIK, laser assisted cataract surgery and many other advanced laser platforms that provide the best possible treatment outcome and maximum comfort to the patient.

Beginning with our centralized patient care center, patients enjoy ‘concierge’ type service and informed patient education that is thorough and efficient – always helping patients better understand their condition and available options for treatment.

Our culture empowers ICON Eyecare, C.A.R.E. is a frame of mind in everything we do:

  • COMPASSION is a feeling and an expression of the privilege to serve our patients.
  • We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to our patients, their loved ones and each other.
  • We embrace that we are measured by our RESULTS every day, one patient at a time.
  • ENTREPRENUERSHIP is a state of mind. We look for challenges to overcome and opportunities to grow.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Eye Care Excellence

Our TOP Vision:

Excellence in Team
Excellence in Medical outcomes
Excellence in Patient experience

Our Corporate Snapshot

Founded in 1999. Over 200,000 surgical procedures performed in the last 18 years.

  • Overview

    ICON is a provider of surgical eye care services. By combining the best technology, patient experience and affordability, ICON is creating a new vision in surgical eye care.

  • Services

    ICON Eyecare offers comprehensive services including laser vision correction, cataracts, retinal care and glaucoma.

  • Vision

    We are community-focused and nationally recognized as a premier, technology-driven and affordable provider of comprehensive ophthalmology and eye care.

  • Strategy

    ICON Eyecare aspires to be the leading surgical eye care company in the Western United States.

Our Promises

  • Our Promise to Our Patients

    We are devoted to you and your eyes, each and every day. We strive to deliver superior medical eye care and surgical outcomes in an inspired, ethical and accountable environment.

  • Our Promise to Ourselves

    We are inspired and committed to above the line behavior in the pursuit of excellence, fulfillment and growth.

What Does the ICON Eyecare Logo Stand For?

  • Visually, it's a translation of the human eye
  • The ‘O’ celebrates our focus in ‘Ophthalmology’
  • The dot in the center of the ‘O’ symbolizes our focus on patients at the center of our oraganization
  • The dot is surrounded by our circle, this represents our vision to be a “Center of Excellence” community focused and nationally recognized
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