How to Prevent Fogged Glasses While Wearing a Mask

November 19th, 2020
Woman wiping foggy glasses caused by wearing medical mask indoors, closeup

Many things changed in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, including the ability to see while wearing a mask and glasses. Foggy glasses are a common and unfortunate side effect of sporting a mask. This problem occurs when your warm breath escapes through the top of the mask and hits the lenses of the glasses, causing them to fog up. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions for this aggravating issue.

1.Make Sure Your Mask Fits Snugly

Today, consumers can find masks in countless sizes, styles and colors. Not every mask is designed to fit every face shape which means that some masks may not hug the curves of the face properly. This can allow air to escape which then proceeds to steam up your glasses.

When choosing a mask, make sure that it fits securely over the nose and mouth. A more secure fit can be achieved by using masks that contain flexible nose bridges which prevent warm air from exiting through the top of the mask. If you create your own masks, use twist ties or pipe cleaners sewn into the mask to replicate a metal nose bridge.

2.Clean the Lenses with Soapy Water

This next hack can be highly effective at preventing foggy glasses temporarily. It involves washing the lenses of your glasses with a soapy water solution. After washing the lenses, gently shake off the excess moisture, allow the lenses to air dry, or gently wipe the lenses dry with a soft, clean cloth. This method is usually effective as the soap leaves behind a transparent film that acts as a fog barrier.

3.Tape Down a Mask Across Your Nose

If you don’t want to constantly be fussing with your mask, a small piece of tape placed across the bridge of your nose may be enough to keep it in place. Tape can be placed both on the nose and along the cheeks to help prevent the warm air from rising and fogging up your glasses.

However, you want to use the right tape for the job. Never use harsh tapes like duct tape or masking tape on your skin. Instead, use gentle tapes designed for use on the skin, such as medical tape or athletic tape, to avoid irritation. Avoid this method if you have sensitive skin or allergies to the adhesive materials found in tape.

4.Undergo Permanent LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery has become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic. Undergoing LASIK eye surgery not only eliminates common problems like foggy glasses, but can also deliver improved vision, long-lasting results, quick recovery, and no further need for glasses or contacts. Individuals who undergo this permanent eye surgery can also avoid the frequent costs associated with changing glasses prescriptions.

5.Schedule a Consultation for LASIK Surgery

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