Why Summer is the Best Time for LASIK Surgery

July 19th, 2021

Summertime is an excellent time to get LASIK eye surgery in the Denver metro area at ICON Eyecare. Our top eye doctors in the Front Range perform many types of precision eye surgery that make a difference in our patients’ lives. With LASIK surgery, they enjoy setting patients free of their glasses and contacts during the summer when there’s so much to see and do.

LASIK Surgery Recovery is Quick and Doesn’t Tie You Down

One of the reasons that LASIK is a great option is that it’s a simple, precision procedure. LASIK surgery recovery time is minimal, which makes it a great way to really get out and enjoy summer. You can usually drive the next day and recovery takes about a week. After that you will be able to resume most activities like normal. If you’ve been thinking that it’s the kind of eye surgery where you need to sit at home and heal, think again. LASIK surgery was designed for active individuals.

Some of the reasons that it’s better to get LASIK in the summer include:

  • All your outdoor activities are glasses and contacts free. Swim, play sports, go hiking or to the beach and enjoy the view.
  • No lost glasses or lenses, no matter how active you are.
  • Without contact lenses, your eyes clear themselves more easily of irritants like pollen.
  • Travel is easier without glasses or contacts and solutions, especially on airplanes.
  • You’re free to wear sunglasses, 3D glasses and VR goggles, and masks.
  • Looking through telescopes, microscopes, and cameras is easier.
  • It’s easier to get used to your new vision when you’re active in the summer — then enjoy it in the fall.

And, of course, after LASIK surgery you’re back to activities quickly:

After one day of LASIK recovery:

  • Reading or light computer work
  • Driving
  • TV watching

After three days of LASIK recovery:

  • Hiking
  • Going on photography trips

After one week of LASIK recovery:

  • Playing golf or other non-contact sports
  • Swimming

After four weeks of LASIK recovery:

  • Back to normal daily life but be sure to keep taking care of your eyes.

Get Ready to Enjoy a Summer of Visual Freedom

When you come see us at ICON Eyecare for LASIK eye surgery in the Denver metro area, you’ll find the process relaxing and informative. One day post-op, you’ll be getting back into your life and adapting to living without glasses or contacts. Most of your recovery is keeping your eyes lubricated while they start healing, and not straining your vision the first few days.

ICON Eyecare is Your Full-Service Vision Care Clinic with Expert LASIK Surgery

When your LASIK surgery is performed by our eye doctors at ICON Eyecare in the Front Range, you’re getting expert care. Our clinic is home to eye specialists and researchers as well as LASIK experts. Give us a call, find out more about getting LASIK surgery this summer, or schedule a routine eye exam and get to know our vision care team.