If you are not a good candidate for LASIK or another vision correction procedure, your eye doctor may recommend CLE. CLE may also be used to stop the development of cataracts in patients under the age of 40. 

What is Clear Lens Exchange?

CLE (Clear Lens Exchange), also known as refractive lens exchange, is a procedure that addresses vision problems and other concerns by replacing your eye’s natural lens with an artificial one. This artificial intraocular lens will be surgically implanted within your eye, as opposed to being placed on the surface. This means that you will not be able to see or feel this new lens. 

Because your natural lens will be removed in the procedure, you won’t have to worry about developing cataracts after the CLE procedure. Our Denver refractive lens exchange experts can also dramatically improve your vision with this procedure. Depending on the lens chosen, you may even be able to eliminate the need for contacts or glasses. Our team of Denver refractive lens exchange specialists will work with you to find the lens that is best for your needs.


Am I a Good Candidate for CLE?

CLE is not the best choice for every patient who needs vision correction. However, it can be used to treat most vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Unlike LASIK, CLE can be used even when a patient’s corneas are thin. It is also ideal for younger patients who have early onset cataracts.

The best way to determine whether our Denver clear lens replacement surgery is right for you is to make an appointment with one of the specialists at ICON Eyecare. We will help you explore all your options and make the best choice.

A Team of Experts.

With decades of combined experiences, ICON’s doctors provide industry-leading care using the latest, advanced technology and techniques.

What types of lenses are available with CLE?

Whether you spend your days outdoors or in an office, we’ll help you select the lens that best matches your lifestyle. Premium intraocular lenses, for example, can improve your vision at all distances, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contacts.


At your consultation our skilled Denver area refractive lens exchange experts  will determine the vision correction procedure that’s right for you and help you select the lens that meets your unique needs.

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