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As the recipient of an ICON Eyecare Insiders Connect card, you’re one step closer to clear vision! As part of ICON’s inside circle, you can use this card to get up to $1,000 ($500/eye) off a self-pay procedure of LASIK, PRK, ICL, or CLE! Explore your refractive vision corrections options and learn how to use your Insiders Connect card below!

Discount Voucher Terms and Conditions
  • Voucher is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Voucher is only redeemable at ICON Eyecare for self-pay only refractive procedures of LASIK, PRK, ICL, and CLE, for a maximum of $500 off per eye for one time use only.
  • Voucher is not redeemable for cash or reimbursement.
  • Voucher cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Exclusions: Vouchers and discounts do not apply to optometrists, primary care physicians, and their employees.
  • To be eligible to redeem voucher, patient must complete a Refractive Consultation appointment at and be deemed a medically eligible candidate by ICON Eyecare for LASIK, PRK, ICL, or CLE vision correction procedures.
  • Call ICON Eyecare at (720) 524-1001 and mention to the teammate that you are using an “Insiders” card or visit iconeyecare.com/contact to schedule your Refractive Consultation appointment and type “Insiders” in the How Heard Section after selecting Referral > Referral from Family or Friend. Voucher must be presented physically during the Refractive Consultation.
  • All existing Terms and Conditions for Vision Commitment Plan apply.
  • ICON Eyecare reserves the right to add to or amend these terms and conditions from time to time, where reasonable and necessary for security, regulatory or other legal reasons.
  • ICON Eyecare reserves the right to terminate the Insiders Connect Program at any time for any reason.
Program Terms and Conditions
  • There is no incentive, monetary or otherwise, for ICON Eyecare teammates to participate in the Insiders Connect Program.
  • It is the sole discretion of the ICON Eyecare Teammate on when/how/who they give the vouchers to.
  • In accordance with Stark Law and Anti-Kickback statutes, ICON Eyecare teammates are prohibited from awarding discount vouchers or any other form of financial incentives to optometrists, primary care physicians, and their employees.
  • Any statements or claims made by the teammate to other individuals are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of ICON Eyecare.
  • Employee releases ICON Eyecare from any claims or actions related to participation in the Insiders Connect Program.
  • ICON Eyecare reserves the right to terminate the Insiders Connect Program at any time for any reason.
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