You’ve thought through the cost of LASIK eye surgery, and discussed all the ways in which you can finance your procedure to make it affordable. But have you considered how much money LASIK can help you SAVE?

LASIK Will SAVE You Money!

Chances are, you’re already spending a lot of money on your eyes. One of the most inconvenient things about having to wear contacts and glasses is the expense that comes with them. It’s not cheap to stock up on contact solution, buy new prescription sunglasses (which inevitably get lost), and pay for annual eye exams… for the rest of your LIFE! If you add all these costs up, you’ll see how quickly LASIK pays for itself.

That’s why we’ve created the easy-to-use calculator below. Simply fill in the blanks with what you typically pay for glasses and/or contacts and our calculator will do the rest! We bet you’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll save… and even more excited to enjoy a life free from contacts and glasses!

LASIK Savings Calculator

Calculate all the savings you’ll put aside thanks to LASIK using our handy calculator:

How old are you?

How much do you pay for your regular prescription glasses and sun glasses? Enter $0 if contacts only.


How many years between new glasses?

What is your doctor visit co pay?


How often do you visit the eye doctor?

How many boxes of contact lenses do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a box of lenses?


How many bottles of contact lense solution do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?


Your Results:

Total Lifetime Cost of Glasses and Contacts


Savings Per Year by Having LASIK


Lifetime Savings by Having LASIK


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Ready. Set. Save.

Can you believe how much you’ll save after your LASIK procedure? If you’re ready to do away with the hassle and expense of contacts and glasses, call ICON Eyecare today at 720-307-4794.

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