Corneal Surgery

The cornea is the transparent layer at the front of the eye. It helps control how light enters the eye and makes up a significant portion of the eye’s overall focusing power. This major role means corneal damage or weakening can have a significant impact on your ability to see clearly. Although treatment depends on many factors, some corneal conditions will need to be surgically corrected. Learn more about some of our advanced corneal surgery options below.

Does My Corneal Condition Require Surgery?

Correcting corneal conditions may or may not require surgery. Make an appointment with us today, and let us find the best, fastest, and most affordable way to help you see the world with better eyes.

Fellowship-Trained Experts

Icon’s fellowship-trained specialists provide industry-leading care using the latest, advanced technology and techniques.

Do I Need a Corneal Transplant?

In the event of severe corneal damage that cannot be treated with our other minimally invasive procedures, our surgeons may sometimes recommend a corneal transplant. If that happens, you’ll work with our expertly trained corneal specialists with years of experience in corneal surgery and transplants.

What Are Intacs® Inserts?

For the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal conditions, your surgeon may recommend the use of Intacs. Intacs are micro-thin, prescription inserts that are placed in the peripheral layer of the cornea to help reshape the steep area of the cornea.