Is Blue Light Bad for Your Eyes?

The way that blue light affects our eyes is still largely a mystery, but we know that too much screen exposure can result in eyestrain. These days, digital screens are our window to the world — for better or for worse. They define how we work, how we talk, and how we play. In fact,… Read More

Maintain Eye Health with These 5 Tips

These simple strategies can help to keep your eyes in tip-top shape. Eyes aren’t just the window to the soul — they’re also your window to the world, which is why it’s so important to keep them healthy. Taking care of your eyes will help to preserve your vision, but it will also decrease your… Read More

Special Considerations for Contact Lenses in People with Diabetes

People with diabetes tend to be at higher risk of certain eye complications, but with the proper precautions, they can wear contact lenses safely. Many people with diabetes live relatively normal lives, but when it comes to eye health, special precautions must be taken. Unfortunately, the condition can make it more difficult to wear contact… Read More

Are Your Contact Lenses Causing Allergies?

Soft contact lenses are often a helpful way to improve your vision, but some people can actually have an allergic reaction to them. Generally, contact lenses are a convenient and comfortable way to see clearly without the hassle of glasses. But for people who develop an allergic reaction called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), contact lenses… Read More

5 Common Causes for Contact Lens Discomfort

From allergies to poor fit, there are plenty of reasons your contacts may be bothering you. People typically wear contacts because they’re a convenient way to improve vision. Unlike glasses, they’re easy to wear during physical activity and don’t need to be constantly cleaned. Unfortunately, contact lenses can occasionally irritate the eye. Many contact lens… Read More

Protect Your Eyes from Lasting Damage with the Right Sunglasses

Enjoy summer safely by making sure you have the best pair of sunglasses. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right shades. When it’s nice outside, it’s only natural to want to spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. However, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, which could cause harm to… Read More

What is “Good Vision?”

Not everyone with 20/20 eyesight also has good vision. From depth perception and peripheral vision to eye coordination and focusing ability, the quality of your vision depends on several facets of eyesight. You’ve probably heard that 20/20 vision is the ideal when it comes to your eyesight, and you might even know what exactly “20/20”… Read More

Effective Treatment Options for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes can affect your vision, but with some proactive care, you can prevent negative changes in your eyesight altogether. Among its other complications, diabetes can also lead to retinopathy, an eye disease that can result in permanent damage to the retina. Because diabetic retinopathy has few significant symptoms in its early stages, many patients are… Read More

Keratoconus: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Nearsightedness and astigmatism aren’t the only causes of blurred vision. In some cases, it could be a product of a condition known as keratoconus. Most people associate glaucoma, cataracts, and other vision conditions with aging. Many younger patients, however, are susceptible to an equally debilitating condition called keratoconus. If you think you might be at… Read More

What Is Visian ICL and Who Can Benefit from It?

Not everybody is well-suited to LASIK. Fortunately, alternative procedures such as Visian ICL can be equally effective treatments to common vision problems. LASIK can be a godsend to patients with mild to moderate refractive errors, but not everybody with poor vision is a strong candidate. Fortunately, alternative procedures such as Visian ICL can provide significant… Read More

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