Don’t Panic: Some Blurred Vision After LASIK Is Normal

Worried about what happens after LASIK vision correction surgery? Here’s what you need to know to take the uncertainty out of the recovery process. As safe and effective as LASIK surgery has become, making a full recovery from any surgical procedure takes time. Many patients’ vision starts to return to normal within 48 hours, though… Read More

Is LASIK a Permanent Vision Correction Solution?

LASIK helps millions of people enjoy life without the need for glasses or contact lenses. So if you opt for the procedure, how soon can you expect to see results — and for how long? With more than 660,000 surgeries completed in 2018, LASIK is one of the most popular procedures undertaken in the United… Read More

What Success Rate Can You Expect with LASIK for Astigmatism?

  Despite what you may have heard, the success rate of LASIK for patients with astigmatism is higher than you think. Astigmatism, a common eye condition that occurs when the normally spherical cornea takes on a conical shape, can make it difficult for patients to focus on objects in their field of vision. Because this… Read More

Why LASIK is a Must for Athletes

Wearing glasses during sports can be at best irritating and at worst, dangerous. Whether you’re a pro or amateur, you’ll find your game will benefit from LASIK. You’d be hard-pressed to find a sport that doesn’t require optimal sight. And yet, many players who wear glasses or contacts don’t realize that there is an alternative… Read More

Don’t Qualify for LASIK? Clear Lens Exchange Might Be the Key to Clear Vision.

With the all-clear from your eye care specialist, Clear Lens Exchange can help you correct vision issues and enjoy an active lifestyle. Although LASIK offers patients quick vision correction with minimal recovery time, it’s not right for everyone. According to eye care specialists, LASIK can be risky for those with certain conditions — especially patients… Read More

Will LASIK Affect My Travel Plans?

In most cases, it’s safe to travel after LASIK surgery. However, make sure to keep in mind recovery time and environmental conditions in the location you’ll be visiting. There are numerous benefits to LASIK surgery: it’s relatively inexpensive, highly effective, and performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office. To top it all off, the… Read More

What’s the Right Age to Have LASIK?

Many people have experienced the life-changing power of LASIK eye surgery, but it can be difficult to determine the right age to make this important decision. Since the 1970s, LASIK surgery has transformed the lives of millions of people. Because it can correct for deficits in both near and far vision, LASIK has made clear… Read More

Can I Get LASIK Surgery If I Have Diabetes?

People with diabetes can absolutely qualify for LASIK, so long as they keep an eye out for a few complications. Millions of people have left glasses and contact lenses behind, opting instead for sight-correcting laser eye surgery, or LASIK. LASIK is the leading solution for many vision problems, but for many years after it was… Read More

Have Astigmatism? LASIK Can Help.

If you’re suffering from astigmatism, LASIK may be a good vision solution for you – even if you’ve heard otherwise. As most technology does, LASIK and other related procedures have evolved over time. Only a few short years ago, doctors performing LASIK could not have imagined the results for certain patients that we are able to… Read More

Is Traditional or Bladeless LASIK the Right Choice for You?

If you’ve decided to get LASIK eye surgery, one more decision stands between you and clearer vision: traditional or bladeless. It’s commonly believed that people with less-than-perfect vision have three options: contact lenses, glasses, or LASIK eye surgery. However, few people realize that LASIK isn’t actually one option, but two – traditional or bladeless. When consulting… Read More

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