8 Common Causes of Eye Twitching

December 30th, 2021
Unhealthy Black Girl Rub Eyes Suffering From Migraine

Involuntary eye twitches aren’t just uncomfortable to experience, they can create all sorts of uncomfortable situations. There are plenty of examples in the movies, where characters indicated that they were at their breaking point by a mad twitch, accidentally bid at an auction, winked and confused a potential date, or involuntarily winked during a traffic stop, making a speeding ticket into something worse. It’s no wonder this simple, involuntary movement drives us nuts, since we never know what people will think we’re trying to say when we’re just twitching. Here are eight reasons that eye twitches happen, and a few tips about making them happen less often, from your top eye doctors in the Front Range.

1. Exhaustion

Sleep is a good solution for exhaustion-based eye twitches and helps with stress and other contributing factors as well. It helps restore your muscles, is a great alternative to powering through with caffeine and energy drinks which also contribute to eye twitches, and helps improve your vision, so you’re less likely to experience eye strain when you’re well rested.

2. Stress

It can be hard to let go of stress, it’s true, because life is often stressful. However, stress causes muscle tension as well as micromovements that come from extended muscle tension, and eye twitches may result and telegraph your stress condition to others. Take some time off, relax, laugh a bit, stretch, because stress and tension affect more than just the twitching of your eyes.

3. Eye Strain

Squinting or staring at your computer screen, or narrowing your eyes outside because of the bright sun, can cause eye twitches as you hold your eyelid muscles tightly for extended periods of time. Take breaks when working, and wear sunglasses outside to help resolve these issues.

4. Caffeine

Avoid coffee, switch to decaf, and don’t forget caffeine in sodas, energy drinks, chocolate, and tea. Most of all, try not to use caffeine to keep going with stressful activities that could cause eye twitches for other reasons, such as staring at the computer screen or paperwork, staying awake beyond bedtime, or making up for poor nutrition.

5. Dry Eyes

There are many reasons for dry eyes, which occur more commonly after age 50, and can be a result of caffeine or alcohol use, extended computer or phone screen time, or take medications that cause dry eyes. It may be helpful to investigate chronic dry eye problems with the help of our eye doctors in the Denver area.

6. Allergies

When your eyes get red and swollen from allergies, histamine may be released and cause twitching of the eyelids. Using an antihistamine for your allergies can also cause dry eyes, which may lead to twitching as well. Our eye doctors in the Denver metro area can help find a solution for the long term, especially if your allergies are sometimes severe.

7. Excessive Alcohol or Tobacco Use

Alcohol and tobacco both affect your muscles, which can result in eye twitches. If you notice a connection, it might be another good reason to moderate your habits or cut out alcohol or tobacco completely, which will benefit your eyes in other ways as well.

8. Nutrition

Magnesium and potassium deficiencies can cause muscle twitches, including in your eyelids. Your family doctor or nutritionist can help target the issue, and may recommend foods like bananas, nuts, avocados, or supplements to help.

Eye Twitching During Vision Correction Surgery

By the way, since we provide top quality cataract and LASIK surgery in the Denver metro area and beyond, our vision correction surgeons want you to know that eye twitching during vision correction surgery isn’t a problem, even if it’s involuntary. We carefully anesthetize the muscles that control the eye and eyelid during procedures, so there’s no concern about involuntary movements.

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