Foggy Glasses, Contact Lens Finger Fears: LASIK Solutions During the Pandemic

October 3rd, 2020

This message is for the over 61 percent of Americans who, during this pandemic, are dealing with vision correction issues. You may have foggy glasses from wearing masks. You could have concerns about putting in contacts every day when the word has gone out not to even touch your face without careful hand washing. Adjusting to these new issues can be an annoyance, but also a safety hazard if you’re not getting the full benefit of your vision correction. What are your options to make sure you can safely see well? The best eye doctors in Colorado have an idea for you.

LASIK for Vision Care Issues, Pandemic and Beyond

Contact lens wear now requires extremely careful sanitary practices, always advisable but now a critical concern. Switching to glasses seems simple but with masks, your warm breath is directed over the lenses, producing fogging which is especially bad when the air is cold outside or indoors with air conditioning. There is a simple solution: LASIK, a simple form of refractive laser surgery that corrects the vision problem at the eye itself. Once LASIK surgery eliminates the need for contacts or glasses, you don’t have to adjust when you’re putting on masks or goggles, using face shields or looking through eyepieces of cameras, rifle scopes, and microscopes. Laboratory workers who protect their eyes in hazardous environments have known for years that LASIK is an excellent solution to infection control.

LASIK Surgery Has Helped People for 20 Years

The problems we’re encountering these days aren’t new for many people. Removing concerns about glasses and contacts helps keep eyes free of chemical harm and accidental infection from workplace hazards. Even at home, wearing contacts while working with chemicals is a risky idea since they reduce the eye’s ability to clean itself of chemicals. Glasses can be tricky to use when climbing ladders and working on the roof or in other situations where vision needs to be stable. At work, vision correction often requires special adaptation, from watching computer displays to dealing with the reflective problems of wearing glasses on set as a TV presenter.

If You Haven’t Considered LASIK Before

If you’re used to your glasses or contacts and haven’t considered LASIK surgery, this may be your opportunity. Think about how your corrective lenses affect your daily life, from groping on the side table in the morning to find glasses, to the old familiar lost contact. You may face issues like wearing contacts in the cold or in windy weather, where they can be uncomfortable as they float less freely on your eye. Skiing with glasses can be a challenge, and swimming, of course, presents many challenges for glasses and contacts wearers.

LASIK surgery is a solution for many to the present problems of the pandemic, and a benefit that will last far beyond current concerns. Call the best eye doctors in Colorado to talk about how it can work for you.