How Artificial Intelligence Advances Eye Care in Colorado

May 17th, 2021

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is a Powerful Clinical Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the medical industry is a tool that physicians can use to conduct patient examinations and provide care. Like a magnifying lens, an eye doctor can use AI-enabled tools to examine parts of the eye such as the retina. In addition to the image itself, the tool provides information about features and patterns on the retina that might indicate issues to investigate further. More advanced AI tools can also provide insight into the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of similar features in thousands of other eyes. It acts as a kind of consultant who provides the ophthalmologist with information that will help provide optimum patient care.

Improving Treatment for Less-Common Conditions

AI has been used experimentally to evaluate a condition called keratoconus, where the cornea doesn’t hold a stable shape. A new treatment for keratoconus called “corneal cross linking” is now available from our ICON Eyecare experts in Colorado. An AI application has been created that provides the doctor with information on the progress of the condition, the likelihood that treatment will help, how treatments have helped other similar patients in the past, and whether treatment should occur immediately. The doctor can use that information to make a patient-specific decision about diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Improving Screening for Common Conditions

Retina conditions like diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration are relatively common in aging patients. An eye doctor can take a retinal photograph for early evaluation and diagnosis of at-risk patients.

Glaucoma and Cataract Benefits

Eye pressure or IOP is a key indicator of glaucoma risk. Swiss scientists have developed a contact lens that records eye pressure throughout the day, then sends it for processing to catch elevated values that don’t appear during clinic visits. Artificial intelligence can then use the data to help guide the treatment process with a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition. For cataracts, AI has proved to be very helpful in the selection of the right IOL, or replacement lens, using its extensive knowledge of past clinical experience.

Using AI to Respond to Vision Loss

Products like Microsoft’s “Seeing AI” app and the OrCam, and IrisVision devices are using AI to help visually impaired people navigate their world, from identifying objects, places, and people to recognizing monetary denominations. AI is also helping with vision enhancement and replacement research, providing alternate ways of seeing.

Your Leading Eye Care Experts in Colorado

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