How to Prevent Glasses From Fogging

November 11th, 2020
Wearing a mask causing foggy glasses

In Your Active Life, Fogging Glasses Can Really Spoil Your Game

Especially in winter, life for glasses wearers can be a series of annoying and sometimes risky timeouts for glasses fog. If that’s a persistent problem for you, the top eye doctors in Colorado have an idea you’ll like.

Here in the Rocky Mountain region, we spend a lot of the winter months outdoors enjoying sports like skiing and snowboarding. Those of us who wear glasses spend a lot of time defogging them, especially when we’re wearing protective masks these days for public health reasons. It even happens in summer, stepping from air conditioning to humidity. What can you do to stop being distracted by sudden, personal fog and walk confidently no matter what the temperature? Wiping glasses with whatever cloth is handy can scratch them, especially expensive coatings. Anti-fog sprays don’t last.

LASIK Surgery Lets You Leave Foggy Glasses Problems Behind and See More Clearly

We have a solution that has made many of our patients happier — LASIK surgery, a long-term replacement for glasses or contacts. The procedure is quick, and there’s usually only a day or two of recovery. Then, you go straight from the slopes to the hot tub without the fog — wonderful!

Ending Glasses Fog Is Just One Of LASIK’s Freedoms

Contact lenses seem like a good alternative for active sports year-round, but they have their challenges, too. They dry out, move around, and can even fall out and get lost. If you have toric lenses for your astigmatism, that’s an expensive loss. Contacts are tricky for swimming and dry out when you’re sitting by a nice fire. Particularly important these days, you need excellent hygiene to handle your contacts safely and avoid eye infections. With LASIK surgery, your eye’s natural lens is reshaped for great vision, and you’re set.

Does LASIK Recovery Tie You Up? No!

Most people walk out of the doctor’s office after 15 minutes of surgery and are already healing. Best case, it can take only a half-day or so. For most people, there are only a few activities to avoid beyond the two-day LASIK recovery period. Give your eyes a break from swimming and a few other activities for two or three weeks and look forward to years of great eyesight. LASIK surgery is available for many conditions including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s a precision solution that frees you to stay active and not distracted.

It’s No Wonder LASIK Is So Popular

More than 60 percent of Americans need glasses or contacts, so that’s a lot of people who could be enjoying LASIK. In order to get the greatest benefit from this precision procedure, we recommend you look to the top eye doctors in Colorado to perform your procedure. Give us a call to learn more. When you come by for LASIK, it’ll be the last time you have to wipe your fogging glasses!