Making Time for LASIK: How Long Does it Take to Recover?

October 26th, 2020
close up of woman putting in eye drops

How to Enjoy Your New LASIK-Enhanced Vision in the First Days and Weeks

LASIK surgery is impressive in its speed and accuracy, and in the quick recovery time. Still, your body works hard to heal from even minor surgery, and there are plenty of ways that you can enhance the work of the best LASIK eye doctors in Colorado. Treating yourself right, hydrating, and spending time relaxing and enjoying are part of the process. The time you allow for LASIK recovery is part of your investment in your new, clear vision.

Thank Your Amazing Eyes for the Fast Recovery Time

LASIK typically has an amazing recovery time, even putting you back in the flow of life the next day. For some patients, the eyes recover from surgery in 6-12 hours; for most, it’s 24 hours. For others, though, it could take 2-5 days for vision to stabilize. It’s important to follow your postoperative care instructions for best results, but even if you do a perfect job, it still could take a little time to recover. Each person is different.

Recovery? Call it a Staycation. Invest Some Time in Your New Sight

The best way to approach LASIK recovery might be to simply block out the first week as a mini vacation in celebration of the surgeon’s precise work. Wear the goggles at night, sunglasses during bright days, use the drops, and keep hydrated. Relax and enjoy some music or an audiobook. Know that nature’s amazing healing process is at work. You should also consider the next month as adjustment time, following the longer-term instructions such as avoiding swimming for a few weeks and expecting a bit of minor discomfort during longer-term parts of the healing process, especially the trademark “gritty” feeling. Keep up with your follow-up visits and call with questions, but let time do its work, too.

Time to Lose Some Lifelong Habits!

In daily life, it may take some time to get used to living without glasses or contacts. Many people keep pushing up their glasses as a habit, even when they’re not on their face anymore. And waking up with clear sight — no more blur in the morning to save you from reality for a few minutes.

For the Long Term, Treat Your Eyes Well

Your eyes will still be resilient after surgery, able to handle most of what life throws at them. Still, rubbing your eyes and letting particles, infections, and other challenges invade your eyes is always stressing them, so be careful. You may experience slight visual artifacts like glare, especially at night. Call with questions and enjoy your new vision.

The Eye Doctors in Colorado to Rely on For LASIK Vision Correction

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