April 4th, 2018
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Many of the testimonials that you see below are from athletes who have enjoyed life-changing results at ICON Eyecare. Icon’s LASIK surgeons in Colorado have performed LASIK eye surgery on thousands of individuals some of whom are professional athletes but much more who simply want to improve their quality of life. In addition to the professional athletes who have had LASIK you will see lots of testimonials below from some Denver celebrities and maybe even a friend or two.

Flavia Oliveira – World-Class Cyclist – ICON Eyecare Patient

 I have been struggling with my eyesight for quite some time. The squinting and headaches were making it hard for me to focus on my training and racing. I began to worry that I might not be able to accomplish my personal goals. I finally made the decision to get ICON Eyecare surgery and it was the best thing that I could have done. The team of doctors and staff at ICON were amazing and extremely professional and made me feel very at ease, making the entire process painless.  I highly recommend it!! Thank you ICON Eyecare for making this year my very best one, so far!! Now, I can truly see a clear picture of where I want to go as a professional athlete.” – Flavia Oliveira

2015 Giro de Italia Donne (Mountains Jersey Winner)
2015 Military Olympics Gold Medalist (overall team)
2015 2nd Overall at Tour of Costa Rica

Creigh Kelley- Emcee- ICON Eyecare Patient

 It’s now been over a month since I took the plunge at ICON! I’m the guy who absolutely depends on clear vision. As an event announcer and emcee for over 30 events each year, a mistake in misidentifying someone competing in a marathon is unforgivable. There have been times in the recent past where my contacts were not measuring up. Squinting seemed the order of the day. Deciding to visit ICON in Lone Tree was a huge step for me and propelled me on a journey with an amazing outcome: I can see so clearly I now take it for granted! Yes, Dr. Campbell is extraordinary. Frankly, if I hadn’t received the “white glove” customer service from my first step into the reception area until it was time to meet the doc, I’m pretty sure I would’ve bailed. The staff from top to bottom provided me with care and knowledge every step of the way. As a lead announcer and emcee at the Walt Disney World Marathon, Disney makes DISNEY with above and beyond customer service. A big decision? You bet! A great decision, you bet! I look forward to jumping in a pool, skiing down the slopes at Breck and never worrying if my contacts will slip or come out!
Creigh Kelley

JR Hildebrand – INDY 500 Racer – ICON Surgical Eye Care Patient

JR Hildebrand – ICON Patient – Finished 8th in the 2015 INDY 500. JR had PRK with ICON this year.

John Elway

“Had to take a break from football to get annual eye check up. Without my guys at ICON Eyecare Denver, I wouldn’t be able to see the film or read the scouting reports. Now it’s my job to help make the right draft picks. Had to give those guys a shout out. I do recommend ICON Eyecare highly.” From a Facebook Post



Cody Donovan – UFC Fighter

“When the UFC called me to fight in Australia on nine days’ notice, I had to say yes. And when they told me I needed to get and eye exam, I knew exactly where to go. ICON Eyecare was the only choice. They came highly recommended from my teammates Nate Marquardt and Tyler Toner, and they did a fantastic job on my fiancées Lasik surgery last year. I went to the Denver location and Kris got me right in. They were fast, friendly and professional. I was very impressed with their cutting edge facility and staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you ICON Eyecare!” – Cody Donovan, High Altitude Martial Arts, Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Charlie Weglius – Garmin-Sharp – Team Manager

 “I chose to travel over 5,000 miles from my home in Finland to visit ICON Eyecare in Denver because I wanted the best for my eyes. I was not disappointed. The staff was all incredibly professional and helpful. Within 48 hours of landing in Denver my old glasses were in the bin ! The operation was over in a matter of minutes, and the staff followed up of the next day to make sure that I was on my way. Life without glasses is amazing, I would recommend ICON Eyecare to anyone who values perfect vision.” Thank you Icon – Charlie Weglius, Garmin-Barracuda – Team Manager.


Lucas Euser – Professional Cyclist – Boulder Resident

 “You do realize you’re in the business of changing lives, not just vision, right?” Lucas’ only problem is now no one recognizes him without his signature glasses. Lucas is seeing 20/15 or better in both eyes. Lucas finished in the top 10 at the 2012 Tour of Utah and got 4th at the 2013 Tour of Utah!!! Cheer Lucas on at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge! Read the press release announcing that Lucas Euser selected ICON Eyecare. Thank you Icon – Lucas Euser, United Health Care Pro Cycling


Chris Brewer LIVESTRONG 15 year cancer survivor

“I just wanted to take a moment to once again thank you for the amazing experience I had at ICON Eyecare recently! While I fully expected to have my vision corrected (and no less than 20-20 by the next morning), it was the outstanding positive professionalism and efficiency of your staff that was a very pleasant surprise. From the moment I checked in, to the pre-testing, to my screening with my optometrist, to the actual surgical procedure, every single person was truly proficient in the area and had a great attitude. I felt like everyone really cared and was there to make sure I had the best possible experience – and I truly did. Thanks so much for this life changing experience, and also for your support of the great support of cycling. I hope our paths cross again very soon, and if we can ever be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.” Very sincerely, Chris Brewer Sr Mgr Development Communications LIVESTRONG / 15-year cancer survivor Team Journalist, Team RadioSchack Pro Cycling.

Denver Talk Show Host Craig Silverman Selects ICON Eyecare

“I wore glasses and then contact lenses for decades. I had severe astigmatism and near-sightedness. ICON was my choice for Lasik because of its success rates and dedicated staff. ICON is the volume leader in this region for good reason. No Lasik provider has more experience. Dr. Andersen and Icon take great pride in having all of the latest and greatest technologies. The doctors have vast knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Lasik procedures. Icon respects the time and money of its patients. Icon provides quality Lasik at a small fraction of the price of other quality providers so why pay more when the best costs less? Within ten hours of my surgery, I had no discomfort and great vision – able to read up close which I need to do as part of my law practice and talk radio job; and also able to play sports and see things perfectly at a distance.” Thank you Icon! – Craig Silverman

Nate Marquardt – Selected ICON Eyecare

 “When I was ready to choose an eye surgery center, I had the utmost confidence in ICON Eyecare, especially since Icon has helped so many pro athletes improve their vision through LASIK or PRK,” says Nate “The Great” Marquardt.”

Michael Speer Denver’s Channel 7 & KHOW

 “Michael Speer an Exec. VP at Presidential Brokerage, Inc. in Denver and financial commentator on Denver’s Channel 7 News, 740 KVOR, and 630 KHOW selected ICON Eyecare for his surgery.

Cody Waite – xTerra Top 10 Finisher – Denver Based Endurance Coach/Owner EPC

The following is an excerpt of a LASIK review that Cody Waite did after he had LASIK in Denver. You can read the full lasik review by clicking on the link at the bottom of his testimonial. Cody is one of the top off-road triathletes in the world and lives right here in Denver. “It was 7:15 AM, the morning after the procedure, and I was driving in the early morning light and could read the road signs as clear as day! I had perfect vision. Back at ICON, everything checked out. I was prescribed some medicated eye drops to use for the next ten days to ward off any chance of infection while things completely healed up. In the meantime, I was already enjoying my perfect vision, sans eyeglasses and contacts. I was back riding my bike and running the next day, and after a week I was able to get back in the pool. The entire process could not have gone any better or any easier than what they did for me at ICON Eyecare. I can’t say enough, how thrilled I am with the whole experience. I was telling everyone that would listen for the next week how amazing ICON and their doctors are and how great LASIK is. Now I’m writing this a little over a month out, fully healed and enjoying better than perfect vision. If you or someone you know can’t stand their glasses or contacts anymore, then you need to look into LASIK and the docs at ICON Eyecare get my stamp of approval as the place to go. You WILL NOT regret it. Get it done. End of story.” Cody Waite, Professional Off-Road Triathlete


Sean Jarrett – Professional Baseball Player

I play professional baseball, and contacts have always been so bothersome. I’m a pitcher and without great vision, the results probably won’t be too good. So in other words my eyes are my livelihood. With that said, I was very apprehensive about having the procedure done, but the ICON Eyecare doctors and staff made me feel very at ease, they answered any and all questions I had. I had my eyes done by the ICON Eyecare this past off-season, and by the time spring training came around I had 20/15 vision! Without having to deal with the hassle of glasses and contacts. It’s truly a life changer to be able to wake up and not fumble around for your glasses! The best investment for my body, and career that I’ve made yet! Thank you!
Sean Jarrett-Colorado Rockies


Tyler Toner – Icon Patient – Professional WEC Fighter

I’ve had poor vision for as long as I can remember. I had accepted the hassle of eyeglasses and contacts as a part of my life. I’ve had issues with my contacts lenses countless times in my sparring and training sessions, and the loss of a contact has hindered my performance in several of my fights. In October of 2009, I got the biggest call of my professional career. All of my work and personal sacrifices had come to fruition. The world’s biggest and most prestigious promotion for 145lb. fighters, the WEC, had offered me a five fight contract. My first fight was supposed to take place on Dec. 19th, 2009 against an undefeated fighter from Hawaii. I put myself through a grueling seven week long training camp in preparation for the fight. On Dec. 12th, a week to the day before the fight, I got an unfortunate call from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. After going through a gauntlet of health tests and screenings, it was my eyesight that made them decide to deny my license to fight. I immediately started doing research to find a respected vision correction facility in the Denver area. After speaking with one of my training partners about my situation, he recommended ICON Eyecare, whom he had chosen for his procedure due to their experience with working with high level athletes (if it’s good enough for John Elway, it’s good enough for me). Although I was nervous about the procedure (read: terrified), the whole process was much quicker and easier than I expected. I had several preliminary appointments to determine which procedure would be best suited for me, and I was scheduled for surgery in less than a week. The fact that my surgeon had performed over 80,000 similar procedures put my mind at ease, and the actual surgery took less than fifteen minutes. Although a bit hazy, my vision was noticeably better within 30 seconds of the surgery than it was beforehand. Within a week, I was seeing more clearly than I ever had in my life (including with contacts and eyeglasses). I was back to training within a month, and I have my WEC debut set for April of this year. The only regret I have with the entire process is that I hadn’t gotten it done earlier in life. Thanks to Dr. Anderson and the rest of the staff at ICON Eyecare, Tyler Toner.

LASIK for Cyclists in Denver, Grand Junction, and Loveland, Colorado

By LeRoy Popowski, US National Team Member and ICON Eyecare patient Training and competing as an athlete, I am dependent upon excellent vision under a variety of environmental conditions. Being nearsighted, I have always required correction with glasses or contact lenses. However, I never found either glasses or contact lenses to provide me with satisfactory vision under all conditions in which I must train and compete. Glasses afforded me very little peripheral vision, significantly diminished my vision in rainy conditions, and restricted my selection of performance sunglasses. Contact lenses seemed to be the next logical choice, but I also found them to have significant limitations. The greatest difficulty I had with contact lenses was that the lenses would become very dehydrated during my training sessions, resulting in decreased vision and uncomfortable, irritated eyes. This problem was especially exacerbated in dry environments with low relative humidity. Further, during fast descents in the mountains on the bike, the wind and increased tear production would cause instability of the lenses and large fluctuations in vision. Additionally, frequent travel to race both domestically and in Europe entailed naps on flights at different times of the day and sleeping in contacts was very uncomfortable.

After years of frustration with sub-optimal vision correction and enduring the “hassles associated with contact lens care, I decided to explore more permanent means of achieving excellent vision without either contact lenses or glasses. Refractive surgery seemed to be the solution that would result in the visual performance I demanded. This would also free me from the inconveniences of contact lens care.

I chose ICON for my refractive surgery for a number of reasons. There are undoubtedly a significant number of ophthalmologists that perform refractive surgery, but most do not specialize in this specialty of ophthalmology. Rather, they will perform a limited number of refractive surgery cases a month in addition to doing cataract surgery and practicing general ophthalmology. I wanted my surgical care to be in the hands of a corneal specialist who has performed thousands of refractive surgery cases. My eyesight has tremendous importance to me and I wanted to be certain that I would have the best surgical outcome. Dr. Christianson (editor: All ICON Eyecare surgeons are contractors) is an incredibly skilled surgeon and his understanding of the physiological optics relative to refractive surgery gave me great confidence to trust my vision to ICON. I was also very impressed with the clinical arrangement at ICON. I have always seen optometrists for my vision care and have continually been impressed with their expertise and thoroughness of evaluation of the visual system. ICON has a very unique situation in that the optometrists that provided my pre and post-surgical care worked as a team in the very same clinic with the ophthalmologist performing the surgery. As a team, they have managed thousands of patients and developed an expertise in refractive surgery in addition to providing uninterrupted care throughout the entire process. I am incredibly pleased to finally have excellent vision without the hassles and inconveniences of glasses and contacts. I am very happy to awaken in the morning and be out the door to train with no thoughts of inserting contact lenses or wearing glasses. I highly recommend refractive surgery to all athletes to achieve their best vision and encourage you to trust your vision to ICON to get your best results.
LeRoy Popowski Pro Duathlete, US Pro National Team Member USCF Category 1 cyclist 2:23 marathoner Read more testimonials from Colorado LASIK patients

Denver Reporter Gets LASIK

 For the last six years, it’s been my privilege to work as a reporter in Colorado. And clearly as a reporter, your job starts with being an accurate observer. Nothing matters as much as being able to trust your eyes and ears. Thanks to ICON Eyecare, I trust my eyes now more than at any other point in my life. I’m excited to say that thanks to the professionals at ICON, twenty years of wearing glasses are behind me, and I now have perfect 20/20 vision. Everything I experienced at ICON was first-rate! The initial evaluation, the surgery, the follow-up, the staff…I just can’t say enough about them! I’ll never forget waking up the morning after the surgery, and not having to squint to see my alarm clock. I’ll never forget the first time after my surgery that I saw the Rocky Mountains, and they never looked so crisp, clear, and beautiful. If you’re thinking about LASIK, let me urge you to stop thinking about it and do it! It’s a life changing experience, and you can trust the pros at ICON! Todd Shepherd is an award-winning radio reporter, and is the founder of the website, CompleteColorado.com.