Protecting Your Vision: Eye Injury Prevention Month

October 2nd, 2020
close up of man's eye

Years ago, most people laughed when The Three Stooges’ character Moe tried to poke either Larry or Curly in the eye, complete with sound effects. As eye doctors though, we’re well aware of the dangers that kind of slapstick humor represented. Whether it’s a poke in the eye, accidental projectile, chemical spill, infection, disease, or even laser burn, what happens in a moment can lead to a lifetime of challenges due to vision loss. What can we do about it?

Keeping What is Precious to Us

This month, eye injury prevention reminds us how precious vision really is. Consider that new 4K TV and how inspiring the crisp picture and brilliant colors are. That awesome experience is brought to you by your vision. The same goes for seeing the sights of the world, from nature to amazing architecture, newborn children, and dear aging parents. Imagine walking down a busy sidewalk or crossing a busy street without the huge amount of information sight gives us about our surroundings. Here are a few tips for protecting your vision, along with some pointers for improving life for those who have already experienced eye damage. The best eye doctors in Colorado want you to enjoy your sight.

Vision Hazards to Identify and Avoid

We deal with two main sources of vision damage or loss: eye diseases, and eye injuries. Prompt diagnosis and treatment improve patients’ chances with disease. For injury, distraction is a major factor, at work or at play. We recommend these basic habits:

  • Wear eye protection — to block chemicals and infection, also flying objects and small splinters
  • Know how to handle eye injuries — eye washing when appropriate, eye covering, and calling 911
  • Be aware of modern hazards — such as constant computer use, laser exposure, chaotic industrial environments
  • Get professional eyecare — regular exams and checkups for any concerns

Trust Your Eye Doctor to Help Preserve Your Vision

Turn to our team at ICON Eyecare to help you protect and preserve your precious vision. There’s much that we can do, even if you do have an eye injury or illness, to help you recover your sight. Give us a call for regular eye exams and any other eye care needs you may have. We care about your sight.