Sports Eye Safety Month: Tips for Protecting Your Eyes

April 6th, 2021

April has been designated Sports Eye Safety Month, and now is also the time when people are anxious to get back into activities they may have missed in the last year. The American Academy of Ophthalmology points out that tens of thousands of people get injured while enjoying sports and recreation each year, and protective eyewear can prevent as much as 90 percent of serious eye injuries. Since wearing the proper gear allows you to fully get into the game, it makes sense to protect your eyes while you play.

You May Be Surprised by the Sport with the Most Injuries

The number one sport for injuries is basketball, followed by baseball and softball. Pellet guns come next, followed by racquetball and hockey. Impact injuries from sports can disrupt the eye’s internal structures and require professional care from our eye doctors in Denver. If you participate in combat sports like boxing and MMA, your risk of blinding injuries is particularly high. All of these sports injuries may require surgery or other advanced care or result in damage that can’t be corrected. In addition, eye injuries can cause or add risk to conditions like glaucoma, at any age. It’s important to see an eye doctor when injured, even if your vision seems fine. If you have vision disturbances, an ER visit may be necessary. Don’t take chances with your sight.

Protecting Your Eyes in Sports

Polycarbonate glasses and face shields provide protection from eye impact injuries. Wire masks do too. Our eye care specialists in Colorado help athletes and recreational players with prescription eye protection. Don’t forget, sometimes the spectators of these sports get hit, too, so stay alert when you’re in the stands.

Be Careful When Healing from Eye Surgery

Be extra careful with activities after eye surgery, when your eye is healing. Our doctors offer expert LASIK eye surgery in Colorado and recommend that patients provide enough time for their eyes to properly heal. Our team also provides cataract surgery in Colorado, and our patients are advised to limit their sports and other strenuous activities for at least a month. Beyond that, eye surgery patients should always be careful to protect their eyes from impact injuries.

Sports Eye Care in Colorado

In Colorado, when playing outdoors we have to think about damage from UV light. At high altitudes, it’s especially strong and can lead to retina or cornea damage and other conditions over time. Our We can help you select corrective lenses and other eyewear that protect against UV rays. ICON Eyecare has a team of leading eye care specialists in Colorado, and our experience and knowledge of your eyes make us your go-to doctors for eye injuries, conditions and diseases. We provide the important, urgent professional care that will help you recover from the serious damage that eyes can sustain, providing your best chance for recovery.