What Is LASIK?

LASIK surgery has enabled millions of people to experience clearer vision without the burden of glasses or contacts, and is one of the most commonly performed elective surgeries in the world. This safe and effective procedure is used to treat common vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

More than 600,000 Americans undergo LASIK surgery each year. The procedure uses precise, non-thermal lasers to reshape the cornea so that images appear crisp and sharp. In other words, your eyes see clearly on their own, without the aid of contacts or glasses.

The procedure is quick and generally pain-free, producing results in 15-30 minutes.

The recovery time for LASIK is minimal, and most patients can return to their regular activities within a day of undergoing the procedure.


If you’ve ever been held back or hindered by glasses or contacts, now is the time to embrace the freedom of clearer vision. Patients who choose LASIK surgery are able to experience life more fully by reducing their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK is a long-lasting procedure that enables patients to enjoy greater visual acuity. With a 2015 study reporting a 98.5% patient satisfaction rate, LASIK has proven to be a popular and effective treatment for a variety of vision problems.

At ICON Eyecare, our experienced eye surgeons perform LASIK with state-of-the art equipment, including the most recent FDA-approved laser suite, that enables patients to achieve their best visual outcome. We also provide flexible pricing options, allowing each patient to take advantage of the benefits of LASIK.

ICON Review

I love the results of my LASIK procedure. Dr. Campbell and his team are competent and excellent at what they do. The facility is world class.

- Matt T.

ICON Review

Prices are very competitive, doctors are very informative and nice.

- Tan D.

ICON Review

Dr. Campbell not only did a great job, but really focused on how I was feeling during the surgery. I have already recommended ICON to close friends and family.

- Chelsea S.

WebMD Review

Dr. Jarvis was great during my LASIK consultation. She was very informative and the testing was very thorough.

- S. Cline

ICON respects the time and money of its patients. Within ten hours of my surgery, I had no discomfort and great vision – able to read up close which I need to do as part of my law practice and talk radio job; and also able to play sports and see things perfectly at a distance.

- Craig Silverman – Denver Talk Radio Host

I felt like everyone really cared and was there to make sure I had the best possible experience – and I truly did. Thanks so much for this life-changing experience, and also for your support of the great support of cycling.

- Chris Brewer – Senior Manager Development Communications LIVESTRONG

Google Review

I am nearing my 1-month post lasik surgery that I had done at Icon Eyecare Lone Tree, and I have to say it is the BEST investment!

- Caley T.

Yelp Review

This was the best decision I’ve ever made! Getting lasik at Icon was worth every penny and I was able to see without glasses within a couple of hours after my procedure.

- Jenna N.

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Is LASIK Safe?

LASIK is a safe and trusted procedure that has been performed on millions of people worldwide. Recent advances in laser technology have also made LASIK safer and more precise. But we understand that you might have questions about it’s reliability. Our goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable with not only the procedure, but our team’s expertise in performing it.

In order to ensure patients meet the requisite criteria, an eye care specialist from our team will perform a thorough eye exam before recommending LASIK surgery. This assessment is designed to identify any pre-existing conditions that may increase the chance of complications, including a history of eye disease, recent changes in a corrective prescription, or thin corneas.

LASIK Recovery

One of the many benefits of LASIK is that healing time is minimal and results are almost immediate. Many patients even report clearer vision as soon as the procedure concludes! While it is normal to experience some blurriness and fluctuations in vision in the immediate aftermath of the surgery, most people see a significant improvement in their vision in one to three days.

One day after your procedure, you’ll have an appointment with your ICON Eyecare doctor to assess your immediate progress and answer any questions you may have about your recovery.

You will need to take certain precautionary measures immediately after surgery. And If you’re careful to protect your eyes and avoid common irritants, you can expect to return to most regular activities 24 hours after your procedure.

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Financing Options

Yes, you can afford LASIK! Icon Eyecare is committed to making professional LASIK surgery accessible.

Cost of LASIK

Yes, you can afford LASIK! ICON Eyecare is committed to making LASIK surgery easy and accessible for all of our patients. That’s why we offer flexible payment options and an experienced team who can help you identify the right payment plan for you. After your free consultation, we can help you apply for financing should you decide to pursue the procedure. Click here to learn more about your payment options and estimate the cost of your LASIK surgery.

LASIK Alternatives

During your free LASIK consultation, our team will perform extensive testing to ensure that you are a good candidate. Luckily, if LASIK is not right for you, there are alternative procedures that can be equally effective! For example:

PRK is a “flap-free” vision correction surgery that is available for a wide variety of patients, including those with thin corneas. During PRK, the thin outer layer of the cornea is swabbed away to give your surgeon access to the treatment area (as opposed to the practice of creating a flap on the surface of the cornea during LASIK).

Visian ICL is another type of advanced vision correction that places a thin lens inside the eye to correct moderate to severe nearsightedness and astigmatism. This procedure is quick, effective, and appropriate for patients with chronically dry eyes or thin corneas who may not qualify for LASIK.


Our practice is devoted to making vision correction surgery as simple as possible. However, patients considering LASIK may have questions about the benefits, risks, and logistics of the procedure. Our FAQ section addresses common concerns about preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from LASIK surgery. It also covers the cost of LASIK and the available financing options. As always, we’re happy to answer your questions over the phone. Call now to speak with one of our experienced team members.

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