Clinical findings of LASIK To understand LASIK it is important first to understand its development. As the name implies, “in-situ keratomileusis” was developed before Excimer laser discovery and its potential is “assisted” by the laser. The idea then emerged to reshape the cornea by doing a refractive bisection of the remaining 2/3 of the cornea…. Read More

Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology Adds New Uveitis Specialist to Team

The new addition, Ashley E. Sturdy, M.D., is one of two doctors in the Denver area to treat uveitis, a form of inflammation in the eye. DENVER, CO (July 7, 2015) Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology, one of Colorado’s most experienced surgical eye care centers for cataract and LASIK surgery, added Ashley E. Sturdy, M.D., to their… Read More

Dallas Eye Care Partners with Denver-Based ICON Eyecare

ICON Eyecare, a leading provider of surgical eye care needs in Colorado since 1999, adds two Texas-based offices by partnering with Dallas Eye Care. DALLAS, TX (July 1, 2015) – ICON Eyecare is proud to announce its partnership with well-respected Dallas Eye Care, an ophthalmology practice with more than 50 years of experience in eye… Read More

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