What is the ​Recovery Time for LASIK​?

Beyond Seeing Clearly: What to Expect with your ​LASIK Recovery Get Answers to one of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about LASIK You’ve made the life-changing decision to have LASIK. That’s great! You have made a great investment in yourself, your life and your future! But you may still have questions, and that’s completely normal…. Read More

What Age Can You Get LASIK?

What is the Ideal Age to Have LASIK? Surgical vision correction has come a long way since its early days, allowing more and more people to be free from the burden of glasses and contacts. From the first radial keratotomy procedure performed in Detroit, Michigan in 1978 to the FDA clinical trials of the year… Read More

What to Expect The Day of Laser Eye Surgery

BEFORE THE LASIK PROCEDURE On the day of your LASIK eye surgery in Denver, there are no restrictions on what you can eat, drink, or which medications you can take (however it is important to disclose all medications to ICON). You are encouraged to eat prior to arriving for your procedure. Wear comfortable clothing. All… Read More

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