For National Diabetes Month, Learn How to Protect Your Eyes.

By staying on top of your diabetes, you can keep your eyes healthy and avoid adverse health effects — now and in the future. For more than 100 million Americans, diabetes and prediabetes are a part of everyday life. While a range of factors may have contributed to your condition, many diabetes patients can maintain… Read More

Sleeping in Contact Lenses Can Be Dangerous. Here’s Why.

Wearing contact lenses around the clock may seem convenient, but it drastically increases the risk of infection. For 45 million Americans, contact lenses are a convenient way to correct vision problems without the hassle of glasses. However, without proper hygiene, contact lenses can lead to serious health issues that need medical attention. While many wearers… Read More

Don’t Qualify for LASIK? Clear Lens Exchange Might Be the Key to Clear Vision.

With the all-clear from your eye care specialist, Clear Lens Exchange can help you correct vision issues and enjoy an active lifestyle. Although LASIK offers patients quick vision correction with minimal recovery time, it’s not right for everyone. According to eye care specialists, LASIK can be risky for those with certain conditions — especially patients… Read More

A Guide to the Ins and Outs of Cataract Surgery

If you’re living with cataracts, surgery can offer a safe, affordable way to get back to the activities you love. Cataracts aren’t just an inconvenience — they can have a major impact on the quality of your life. Many people find that their cataracts prevent them from participating in the activities that they love. Sadly,… Read More

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