9 Risk Factors for Glaucoma

December 29th, 2020
Handsome man getting an eye exam at ophthalmology clinic. Checking retina of a male eye close-up

Let’s talk about the second leading cause of blindness in the United States and the world (cataracts are number one) as January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. With glaucoma, early detection is critical. Untreated, it causes irreversible deterioration of the optic nerve. We’re reaching out in January to the two million Americans at risk of glaucoma complications, half of whom are unaware. We can help people preserve and enjoy their sight through diagnosis and glaucoma treatment in Colorado.

Since early diagnosis is critical to prevent vision loss, here are 9 risk factors to mention and discuss when you visit the top eye doctors in Colorado at ICON Eyecare:

  • High internal eye pressure
  • Age: you are over 60, or over 40 for African-Americans
  • Genetic risk: Black, Asian or Hispanic heritage
  • Inherited risk: a family history of glaucoma
  • Medical conditions: such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or sickle cell anemia
  • Thin corneas: your eye doctor can identify this
  • Extreme vision correction: you are very nearsighted (-6 or more) or farsighted (+5 or more)
  • Disruption of your eye structure: you had an eye injury or underwent certain types of eye surgery such as vitreoretinal surgery
  • Corticosteroid medications: you have taken them as eye drops, or even orally, for a long time

In addition, if you have multiple risk factors, make sure that your eye doctor is aware of that.

Treatment and Prevention Options

ICON Eyecare is the team to turn to for glaucoma treatment in Colorado. Management of glaucoma, based on severity, is often by eye drops, but can also with a variety of different surgeries including laser or implant. We can also discuss with you how to manage the risk factors.

Things to Avoid with Glaucoma

A healthy diet with management of trans and saturated fats, avoiding food allergies, eating more complex carbs, and reducing caffeine can help to manage glaucoma.

Get Treatment Quickly If You Experience Possible Glaucoma-Related Symptoms

A less-common, urgent form of glaucoma can cause the sudden onset of severe eye pain, nausea and vomiting, and disturbance of your vision. Don’t wait for it to pass but get treatment right away.

Helping You Preserve and Care For Your Precious Eyesight

Glaucoma, identified early, is very treatable. The best thing you can do for early diagnosis is make an appointment for a consultation with our eye doctors by calling 720-524-1001. Start your new year right!