LASIK VS Contacts: The Smackdown

January 7th, 2018
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LASIK or Contacts: Which is Better?

Some things in life are universal. Meaning they are easy to agree upon. Like…warm cookies are always a good idea. Or…clumsy puppies are adorable. A great night’s sleep? Yes. Food poisoning? Um, NO. Who could possibly disagree?!

In the same way, the desire to have crisp, clear vision is something everyone can likely agree on. But the best way to achieve that crisp, clear vision for those of us who weren’t blessed with 20/20? That’s where differing opinions can come into play.

Some people wear glasses. Others opt for contact lenses. Still, others choose vision correction surgery like LASIK to correct their vision and free them from the hassle of glasses and contacts at the same time.

Which one is best? Let’s take a closer look.

At ICON Eyecare, we love helping people achieve their best possible vision. We firmly believe an educated patient is a happy patient. So bring on the questions. We have answers.


While many people wear contact lenses, there are real risks that accompany the benefits. Compared to glasses, contacts can be more convenient and increase peripheral awareness. However, the negative aspects of wearing contacts, especially when used improperly and for long periods of time, are significant and far-reaching.

First, wearing contact lenses improperly and over a long period of time can cause several serious eye conditions including infections, corneal abrasions, and ulcers. These conditions may develop at different rates and to different degrees in different individuals.

For example, some contact lens wearers may leave the lenses in for long periods of time or even sleep with their contacts in (a no-no in most cases). This can result in significant dryness and abrasions when lenses are finally removed. Symptoms of eye irritation can indicate a more serious problem. So, always seek out a diagnosis from an eye care professional to determine whether your eye irritation is developing into something more serious.

Truth: contact lenses are expensive. At first glance, it might seem like they are a less expensive option than LASIK surgery. And they are…up front. But over the long haul, wearing contact lenses will cost you more. In fact, many of our ICON Eyecare patients report that LASIK pays for itself in about three years.

Here’s how. If you wear disposable contact lenses daily and replace them every two weeks — the most common lens replacement schedule and the one that is most commonly recommended by eye doctors — you can expect to pay approximately $250 for a year’s supply of contact lenses*.

Don’t forget that you will likely spend another $150 to $200 on contact lens solution and doctor visits for a total annual cost of around $400 to wear contact lenses. Depending on your specific eye complications, wearing contact lenses could cost you even more. Plus, backup glasses and annual fittings! Cha-CHING.


If you’re interested in a life without restrictions, it’s time for LASIK. At ICON Eyecare, a Center of Excellence, our experienced surgeons have helped thousands of individuals just like you achieve better vision. Many of these patients have chosen to get rid of the glasses and contacts and have vision correction with our popular Blade-Free LASIK surgery.

Based on reported complications, LASIK surgery is deemed a generally safe procedure, and you’ll love the quick recovery. In no time, you’ll be back at it; tackling your life without the hassles of glasses or contacts. LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It is one of the most commonly performed elective procedures in the world today.

Additionally, when the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon in a facility with excellent equipment and a careful screening process that ensures good candidacy, like that found at ICON Eyecare, the rate of success is very high.

The first step in determining if LASIK surgery is right for you is your consultation. Because we are so passionate about the life-changing opportunity that LASIK can be, we offer this initial consultation as a complimentary service. Convinced? Click here if you’re ready!  

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*Based on national averages