What to Expect in Your LASIK Surgery Consultation

August 24th, 2021

If you are considering laser vision correction, the first step in your journey is a LASIK consultation. This procedure librates patients with a refractive error from having to wear contact lenses or glasses. During the appointment, your LASIK surgeon will educate you on your vision correction options and determine whether the LASIK procedure is a good fit for you. An essential part of your LASIK eye surgery success is a thorough, expert consultation. It’s a two-way conversation that can take a couple of hours, including carefully examining your eyes and reviewing your overall health. The doctor answers your questions about LASIK, such as how it works and whether there are any risks. They’ll also ask you about your specific vision goals. We want the best possible corrective surgery outcome for you.

Our Goal is Your Best Vision

At ICON Eyecare, our eyecare surgeons in cataract and LASIK surgery in the Denver metro area are highly skilled experts in state-of-the-art refractive surgery that leads to better immediate and long-term results for our patients. The LASIK surgery consultation takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it.

LASIK Surgery Consultation and Exam

Your LASIK evaluation will likely take between 1 and 2 hours because both the comprehensive eye exam and your conversation with the doctor are designed to be thorough.

  • Your overall medical history is key to determining if you are a LASIK candidate
  • Your eye health is also critical, especially your tear film and eyelid health which helps with healing. If there are issues, treatment may resolve any concerns.
  • Dilation allows the doctor to carefully examine your eyes and helps get the best measurements of your eyes and their optical properties.
  • More advanced tests including wavefront measurements, high-resolution scans, and corneal topography provide amazing details about your eyes that help refine the LASIK process.
  • Your doctor will determine your dominant eye, useful if you’re considering a monovision correction strategy.
  • Laser eye surgery is one of many refractive surgery techniques. If for any reason it’s not the best choice for you, others like laser PRK, refractive lens exchange, or phakic IOL implantation are excellent alternatives.
  • The consultation process is painless, careful preparation for a brief procedure that’s typically less than 30 minutes with a day or two of LASIK surgery recovery.

Discussion of Surgery Details

Part of your consultation will be devoted to explaining the surgical procedure and LASIK vision correction. The eye doctor will review the possible LASIK complications, benefits, and costs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and express your concerns.

At the end of your appointment, we will be able to determine whether or not you are a good fit for LASIK or another vision correction surgery. You’ll have time to consider all your options. When you’re ready, you can schedule your treatment.

Our Eyecare Professionals are Ready to Welcome You

To perform LASIK surgery and ensure the best recovery, our doctors need to get to know your eyes in detail, from the retina in the back to the cornea in front.

From your initial visit to talk about LASIK surgery, to caring support during your brief LASIK surgery recovery, our top eye doctors in the Front Range are here to provide top vision care and services. That’s why informed patients turn to us for cataract and LASIK surgery in the Denver metro area, and for expert care from routine eye exams to diagnosis and treatment of eye injuries and diseases. Our goal, for LASIK as for all our services, is to help you see more clearly. Make an appointment for a free LASIK consultation today.