Coping with Cataracts: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Cataracts become increasingly common as you age. Here’s how you can manage them. Chances are you’ve heard of cataracts — you might already be suffering from them — but do you really understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments?  This quick cataracts primer will help provide a solid baseline of knowledge so you’re better prepared to manage… Read More

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right for Me?

Tired of relying on glasses or contacts? It might be time to consider laser eye surgery — here’s how to determine if it’s the right choice for you. LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) eye surgery is currently one of the most popular types of refractive eye surgery, largely due to the wide range of conditions it… Read More

Will LASIK Last Forever?

How Long Will My LASIK Last? Things that last forever: A diamond? A cast iron skillet? That carton of eggnog that’s been in the fridge since Christmas?! There aren’t many things that truly go the distance when you stop and think about it. But there is one thing that really does last forever. LASIK. No,… Read More

LASIK VS Contacts: The Smackdown

LASIK or Contacts: Which is Better? Some things in life are universal. Meaning they are easy to agree upon. Like…warm cookies are always a good idea. Or…clumsy puppies are adorable. A great night’s sleep? Yes. Food poisoning? Um, NO. Who could possibly disagree?! In the same way, the desire to have crisp, clear vision is… Read More

What is the ​Recovery Time for LASIK​?

Beyond Seeing Clearly: What to Expect with your ​LASIK Recovery Get Answers to one of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about LASIK You’ve made the life-changing decision to have LASIK. That’s great! You have made a great investment in yourself, your life and your future! But you may still have questions, and that’s completely normal…. Read More

What Age Can You Get LASIK?

What is the Ideal Age to Have LASIK? Surgical vision correction has come a long way since its early days, allowing more and more people to be free from the burden of glasses and contacts. From the first radial keratotomy procedure performed in Detroit, Michigan in 1978 to the FDA clinical trials of the year… Read More

What to Expect The Day of Laser Eye Surgery

BEFORE THE LASIK PROCEDURE On the day of your LASIK eye surgery in Denver, there are no restrictions on what you can eat, drink, or which medications you can take (however it is important to disclose all medications to ICON). You are encouraged to eat prior to arriving for your procedure. Wear comfortable clothing. All… Read More

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Having LASIK

Tips for Choosing the Right LASIK Surgeon With so many LASIK surgeons in the Denver area, it can be hard to land on the right one for you. Here at ICON Eyecare, we believe in doing the research before taking the leap. In the spirit of knowledge, we pulled together a list of tips that… Read More

LASIK Post Operative Instructions

These instructions may be changed by your doctor. Please follow your doctors’ instructions. Immediately After Surgery Go home and go to sleep. When you are asleep your body goes into a healing mode. Sleeping is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you are uncomfortable, take two of your Extra Strength Tylenol tablets…. Read More

Risks of LASIK

Lasers that ICON Eyecare owns and FDA Approval In the United States, lasers are medical devices that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA requires lengthy trials before a laser is deemed to be “FDA Approved.” When a device (in this case the device is the LASIK laser itself) is FDA… Read More

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